Monday, August 27, 2012

Challenge & Pre Hood to Coast

Before you are overwhelmed with tons of bloggy posts on Hood to Coast I wanted to follow up on a book I mentioned a few posts ago. If the word CHALLENGE gets you going then consider this a challenge. Step out of your comfort zone and try a different type of work out. I am going to begin reading the book Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer this week and none other than Fancy Nancy from Living the Dream will be joining me on this spiritual work out. We were hoping to have a few others join us. Just let me know if you would like to jump in and we will connect. We will be sure to make it fun! Hoping to be able to debrief and share thoughts. For me I know my spiritual health is most important and leads to me to being balanced in the most important way!

OK OK without further delay let the Hood to Coast posts BEGIN.....

Another year in the books participating in Hood to Coast. I am very fond of the nuun staffers they feel like family in so many ways! So wonderful to connect with old teammates and nuun staff! Completely different experience but as with anything I always want to grow and learn!

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet women from all over the country who all share a love for running and nuun. Nuun had plenty of fun planned pre HTC events and I was thankful I was able to make it to Seattle just in time to join in the pre Hood to Coast "Amazing Race" nuun style!! We broke into teams and let loose in the city!

Team Clueless in Seattle
Ricole, Vanessa, Marjorie, Me, T and Stephanie

Pigs seemed to be a big deal in Seattle. We took lots and lots of pics of pigs.
HTC Veteran and Teammate T catching a fish at Pikes Place market! So much fun even if did result in some serious "FOOB"
I can neither confirm or deny if this was my idea to jump on a strangers back and
 have him bare some skin.
We were on the hunt for some nuun and found some in his store. Hydrated, young man! Check!
This sweet lady was happy to roll up her sleeve and spread the nuun love. T has some mad tatoo skills.

We had one Seattle native (Ricole) to help us out and I am so HAPPY to have had the opportunity to spend some time together. Here is the famous GUM wall....interesting and so gross at the same time.

We spent close to three hours WALKING the streets of Seattle. We were all so tired when we returned and a little panicked that we were going about to begin a 200 miles relay with limited sleep and food in less than 24 hours! Yikes!

I really enjoyed my teammates for this adventure and probably one of the highlights of my time in Seattle! Next step was to grab some grub, decorate vans and hit the hay....the reality of running 16 miles in one day under extreme conditions was starting to sink in!!


P.S. We happened to WIN the scavenger hunt! Off to a great start!



Caroline said...

hmmm nice going on jumping on the cute guy's back..I am sure they did not have to twist your arm too much! ha! so happy you were my roommate for a night! that 3 plus hours walk in the town killed my legs but it was a lot of fun

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

hi harmony! this post made me smile so much. i loved seeing your pictures and reading about your experience and perspective. i wish we had had more of a chance to spend time together - i hope an opportunity will come around at some point in the future. you are so beautiful inside and out!!! xoxo

Katie McFarland said...

I love seeing the other NuunHunt pictures. We had so much fun doing it but you're right. My team was kind of paniced that we'd be exhausted the next day.

Guess we all rebounded pretty well.

I loved meeting you. You are such an easy person to get a long with and a great person to lunch with.

We'll have to meet up there again and have lunch at the Korean BBQ sometime. :)

Meredith said...

Smiling! Can't wait to read more!

Happy Running Mama said...

I love the idea of a spiritual workout! And another friend just recently recommended the same book...maybe someone is trying to send a message that I need to read it?!


Anonymous said...

I read about this book in your previous post, sounds good. I'd love to join you in reading it!! I always need a spiritual challenge. Also, totally enjoyed all the htc posts my so many this weekend, made me feel like I was a part of it!!
Patty V


What? No tranie photos? Love you!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great photos - that was such a fun time and I am so glad I was able to meet you and be on your team!

Jocelyn said...

Love that photo of you on the back of that guy! Hysterical!

XLMIC said...

That was definitely a highlight of the trip :)