Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hood to Coast Already?

It is almost go time. I haven't had much time to blog about Hood to Coast but the time is near and it is almost time to meet up with 36 other women who are coming from all over the country to RUN Hood to Coast on Team Afternuun Delight. We will be split in three teams; morning, noon and night. I will be kicking it on Team Night, Van 2 running the same 3 legs I ran last year (leg 10). Even though I am a bit bummed that I did not get a spot in Van 1 I am still beyond pumped and thankful to be going.
Our mission will be to spread the Nuun love and HYDRATE all that we see!
Hood to Coast is CRAZY!! Crazy people. Crazy costumes. CRAZY, crazy! We had a blast last year spending time meeting other runners. Everyone loves a FREE tatoo and sample! You suddenly become friends after applying a wet sponge and tatoo to a persons leg.

 Team Nunn Platuun was so much fun! We all just clicked. It was easy to "bond"! Love these folks! And super pumped that some"veterens" coming back for year TWO!! I haven't really thought much about  the running part. I am confident that the my nuun teammates will carry me through! My goal is to run hard, have fun and connect with other women who LOVE nuun and running!! Easy peasy!
If you aren't running you are CHEERING, WATER/NUUN, CHEERING, WATER/NUUN. CHEERING...eat a little, close your eyes briefly and then back at it! Gearing up for my final leg above and cheering on T below!
 There is no doubt that there is something special in the "nuun". Here is one of Nuun's most spectatcular faces! Marjorie was so much fun to have in my van last year...always full of surprises! I never will forget how she gave it her ALL for the final leg. Ahhh memories!

  •  I started back to grad school yesterday! Help Me!
  • My kiddos start school tomorrow. Middle School...don't get me started. Sniff Sniff! 4th and 1st.
  • I leave Thursday for Seattle to MEET and PLAYwith my new teammates. Yikes! A little nervous and excited about that!
  • Friday we will begin the trek to the the "Hood" and then it all begins at 2:15!!! 200 miles....
If you don't already be sure to follow me on twitter as I will do my best to TWEET our journey as well as share on my Keep On Keeping On FB page!

Let's Do This.


Caroline said...

it is HERE!!!!!!!
see you tomorrow!!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, what a big week for you! I hope you have an awesome time at Hood to Coast!

Karen said...

How exciting!! Have a fabulous time!! Yay!! :0)

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Have fun Harmony- can't wait to see your pictures from this year. :-)

Marnee said...

oh I hope we get to see each other, but it seems unlikely. Love you and enjoy the fun!