Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Now what?

Well I survived posting my first VLOG. It was a little nerve racking putting it all out there but felt so good to share my heart.  I have felt encouraged, excited and inspired. Thinking caps are on and I look forward to what may develop. So many vlogs are instructional but I am hoping to add some relational components as well. I mean we are bloggy friends right?

I have also had the itch all day today to sign up for something. I feel like I am ready to make up with my bike and can't wait to swim again. Right now in fitness my focus is on running and getting my foot healthy. I went and got another shot in my heel on Monday. OUCH!! My neuroma and PF has been hurting all the time the last few months so I am hoping this will provide some relief. Today I went for a 6 mile run and felt good but winded. Where the heck did my endurance go?

Hood to Coast with Team Afternuun Delight is just over a week away and I can't wait to see some of my old teammates as well as meet new ones. I am going to sucking wind and need a little push but I am excited to connect with some fab ladies! Last year during HTC my life was normal and cancer free. Life is so different now. Time seems to be defined by pre and post diagnosis.

But alas...we must Keep On Keeping On and choose to be thankful.

I feel like I am seeing things clearer and starting to feel again. I am feeding my soul and I can feel the difference.

So if the Hood to Coast (200 mile relay) craziness is not enough I will be running the Girlfriends Half Marathon in Vancouver,WA in October! Yay!!

I am really looking forward to this race. It is going to be emotional as I had to transer my registration to this year as my hubby was diagnosed last Oct. 5th, just weeks before the race. I am not sure how I will feel running it but I know God wants me there.

There are lots of dream races floating around in my mind.
Races, Places and People that I know will touch my heart...just not sure what is realistic or possible.

Girlfriends Half Marathon (fall)

EUGENE Marathon (spring)

Walt Disney World Race (day dreaming)

Half Ironman/70.3 (no idea where to start)

So now I just need to see where the road leads me.
Days with my hubby are sweet and I find myself smiling a lot. Here we are a little road trip. I love my Nuun HTC T-shirt...so many good memories and can't believe in a week I will be joining Team Afternuun Delight for another round of pure craziness! Team Night...here we come!
My hubby on his first bike ride post surgery. He is my literally my titanium man and I am so proud of him. It was scary to watch him pedal but he made it work and pushed through. Of course we took our Nuun with us!
Following my VLOG my sweet friend Rachel who happens to also be a rock star runner and triathlete had this book waiting for me today. It is called Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. (sorry for the poor pic) I am pretty pumped to start reading! It is so comforting to be surround by women who love the Lord! This was so fitting and made me smile as I was searching for a book just last night wanting to challenge myself spiritually. As life gets crazy with kids going back to school,work and grad school starting back up for me I am looking forward to reading this book. Let me know if you want to read along with me!

What kind of VLOGS do you like?

What are you daydream races?

How do you connect grow spiritually as well as physically?


Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I hope that your foot gets better! It seems like it has been bothering you for a long time :-(

Girlfriends is my FAVORITE 1/2 marathon!!!! You will love it AND the firemen that pass out your finisher's necklace. It was a nice touch. :-)

My dream race list keeps getting longer, but it does include the Disney races AND (gasp!!) a 1/2 IM. Of course I don't really know where to get started either....I guess I should just keep dreaming.

Meredith said...

Cannot wait for Girlfriends!!!!

Love the pictures!

And for daydreaming? Walt Disney World would be great, but New York is highest on my, if I won the lottery list :)

Thankfully, with Girlfriends and Eugene on the to do list, I don't feel I have to spend a whole lot of time daydreaming. I've got pretty fantastic right in front of me :)

fancy nancy said...

What a year it has been! God has revealed Himself to you and your family is a whole new way this year! Best of luck with your foot!!! I'm sure your NUUN teammates are just excited to have you there...sucking wind or not!! I have been hearing a lot about that book. I would love to join you. When are you starting?

On the Right Track said...

You are so inpiring and strong...i love reading your life stories!

too many dreams to list...but I love the book idea! I need something reflective to read at the moment and this just may be the book for me! keep on Keepin on!!!! xoxo

Kris said...

You are strong in the Lord, sister :) that book looks good and I would love to read along with you, if Miss Bean allows me to! I used to read ALL the time but once I had her I haven't found time but I know I should make time! I'm dreaming of a spring marathon as well, maybe Eugene?? My dreams also contain a half or full in Hawaii, the oceanfront Maui Marathon is what I've been eyeing since I love running by water. A disney marathon would be cool too :)