Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh Sandy!

Hood to Coast with Afternuun Delight 2012
 I want to start this post out with a BIG THANK YOU to the folks at nuun! It is hard to explain the unique work environment that makes nuun....nuun. Real people who really care and believe in their product. If you have not tried need to. You won't be dissapointed. In pure nuun fashion they took care of everything. We were all fed, hydrated and loved. When I met the folks at nuun last year my life was in a completely different place. I was carefree and excited to be on the HTC journey. Going back this year was wonderful but also emotional.When cancer enters your life you begin to date things by pre and post diagnosis. Here I was going back post diagnosis. Would I hold up? I had some reservations but I knew the nuun staff believed in me and I was excited to see what HTC would have for me this year. The hugs and smiles alone from old teammates and nuun staff made the journey worth it and gave me the boost I knew I would need.
On a quick side note I started this epic journey off by throwing up in the Chipolte restauraunt (just like last year) Car sick? I don't really know but I am starting to get a rep! Hope I can come through next year or spice it up and NOT throw up. Just felt hot and weak and then KAPOW it was me and the toilet. I was lucky enough to see my speedy buddy Nicole who I "ran" the Windermere marathon with.. We just had a minute for a quick snap shot and hug! So good to see her smiling face. Sandy was our the first real stop for VAN 2's. Sandy is great and fun! Lots of hydrating and tatoo's going around. Sandy is just missing that one little thing...Mt. Hood. Returning to Sandy made me know even more that I want to get in Van 1 and to that freaking mountain! Working now on a campaign to get in Van 1 someway, somehow.
 It was nice to chat with some of my other nuunmates and there was sparkle everywhere. Here's Amanda and Marjorie (both HTC vets) getting their groove on with their sparkle tops and bannana. I think this look could be a big seller.
 All hydrated, tatted and ready to roll? Can you guess who these backsides belong to?
 Quick shot with some gals from the other Van 2! (Back Row: Elizabeth, Jessica, Sarah, Front: Me, Amanda, Katie, Jennifer, Katie) You can check out all of their blogs here. I tried to embrace the sparkle skirt but not sure I really pulled it off. It was out of my comfort zone but thankful to my teammate Kelly for providing all the sparkle for everyone! Very generous!!
 Katie in her cutsom made shirt! So creative!
Snap shot of my team night's van driver Ray and teammates Megan and Kelsie.

After these pics of "waiting" it was then on. In a van...30 hours on the road. Running, Hydrating, Snacking and trying to catch a few ZZZZ's between runs.

Running went really actual recap of my 3 legs...16 miles coming very soon!! Sometimes what you expect may happen in a van for 30 hours....just doesn't.

Be sure to check back in to see how this epic journey ends.


a runner said...

Yes! the sparkle tube tops are so HAWT!

Who knew you could have so much fun in a Safeway parking lot in broad daylight?

Meredith said...

I know how to get you in van 1. Just sayin'...

Caroline said...

ohh...look above looks like an offer....

Harmony...I am so glad you were in my room in Seattle...only problem is you were not there for night 1. Here's to hoping we get to the top of the mountain together in 2013!

Jamoosh said...

No more Chipotle for you pre H-C!