Saturday, September 28, 2013

For the Love of Nuun

When I connected with the folks at Nuun back in 2011 I never imagined how much my life would change in the next two years. I was lucky enough to run with Nuun the first year they did an all women blogger relay team for the epic relay Hood to Coast. It is definitely one of my favorite running memories. My vanmates were awesome! We all just clicked and bonds were made that will last a lifetime. The "stories" from that year are plentiful but they always seem to end with a mention of a trophy. :)  As an ambassador I am able to share great deals and their product with everyone who will listen.
When I saw an email about Ambassador's participating in the Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon I was immediately interested. This is a big race. Hard to get into as well as to run. I ned to make the decidion jjust days before my hubby was going in for surgery on his rib. I told him this was crazy. We don't know what surgery will bring. He as always encouraged me to go for it! We were done having cancer dictate our lives. I texted back and forth with my "Kim" at Nuun and she encouraged me as well. It wasn't too hard of a sell. Knowing my training may be choppy I decided to go with the 13.1!

 I was so fortunate to have Kim in my van during Hood to Coast 2011. I just remember listening to her talk and thinking...she is strong and brave, I like her!! Of course a hug before I was off!

And I am not sure how to explain my relationship with Coach, another Nuun rock star. He was our driver and quickly fell into the role of Coach. We are definitely the most unlikely of friends. Must be the power of Nuun.  I mean he is a Huskie and I am a Coug. Enough Said.

Hydration was key and here is T (pink socks) rocking a pretty tough leg! You may recognize her as Tonia from Racing with Babes. She is so much fun and makes me laugh every time we are together!!  She is also now a Rev3 Super Star which makes me smile.
The list goes on and on but bottom line is that the people are nunn are just "good people". From life changing chats, to my fastest run ever, to shananigins on the beach...I love Nuun.

Only being three weeks away from another epic opportunity with Nuun I have been staying hydrated as I try to prepare for all of those HILLS!

Nuun has definitely made me do some crazy things. Just watch my application videos if you don't believe me. This last pic is from 2012 HTC when we were on a scavenger hunt. Place a tattoo on stranger. Done. Jump on his back for fun. Done.

I am definitely looking forward to traveling with buddy 'the Assistant" (to be introduced soon) and see some Nuun faces! San we come!!


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Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

So happy that you get to run this race. I thought about doing it as well and now I am so thankful that my husband told me no. He usually never tells me I can't do a race so it must have been a sign. :-)