Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finish Line and Bumps

Oh how I love my little blog but sometimes there does not seem to be enough time in the day. Since my last post we have been busy living. We have spent time with friends and family. Blessed to travel. Blessed to be with good friends. Blessed to wake up and have choices.

I wrapped up almost 8 weeks of REST and happy to report and I am running again. I am not running far or fast but I am running! I am not sure what is going with my ankle but it seems to be tolerating low mileage.

Even though I haven't been able to run I have been running in spirit with three great guys with MILES2GIVE.

I am learning so much from my friends at MILES2GIVE! They have been running across America to raise awareness and funds for Sarcoma. I am amazed at their determination and care for each family they meet. They are just days away from their finish line. However the fight and passion will not end there.

If you are not following their journey please go check it out HERE. It is a life changer. Also if you have a minute go give their FB page a like and tell them I sent you!

Each day we wake up with something to GIVE. So think of it as there are always miles to give and this may look different in each of our lives. What does it look like in yours?

It is not about what you are going to do for you but rather how can I BUMP into the life of someone else. The folks at MILES2GIVE have mastered the BUMP.  I just finished reading the book, You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson. It did a great job talking about being aware of being part of others miracles. This means that you take the focus off of you and start to invest and bump into others and let God use you. You don't worry about being embarrassed or imposing or wondering what someone will think of you. How many times do you have a feeling or urge to do or say something but you let that feeling pass you by or you talk yourself out of it? (things that make you go hmmm)

It is a pretty cool concept and I plan on doing lots more "bumping".  My hubby is a huge "bumper" and I think that's pretty cool.
Things are good in my small fitness world. I am excited to running again but even more excited to know this means BUDDY runs are in my future!

Last week was GOOD.
Run  16 miles for the week! BIG TIME!!
Bike  30 miles.
One Super Hot Walk 1 (this is for you Big Sis)
Plus some light weights.
This week is off to a good start as well.
Run  7
Swim  1 (first one of the year)
Bike  10
So I feel like I am back in the saddle but still being cautious.
On each run I find my self singing out to God. Thanking him and gaining strength from the words of so many songs that remind me that I am not alone and that God is who He says He is.
Today was one of those days where fear was trying to creep in. My hubby has his scan in less than two weeks and it is terrifying to think of any option other than CLEAR!!
All I had to do was send out the BAT CALL and it wasn't long and the prayers and uplifting scripture was coming my way. Thankful for the running community and the women who continually bless me.
Only 5 more weeks until the WunderWoman Tri!


Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

So happy for you and that your training is going good. Wonder Women will be a good race for you. The course is nice. The biking portion is relatively flat with some rollers. The lake water is nice and the run is just around the lake. I really hope that I can make it out to see you, but with the relay that weekend also I am not sure. :(

Marnee A said...


Love you sweet friend

Cynthia O'H said...

Bumping yourself into the lives of others is so important. I was talking to my husband this morning about people being so egocentric and not giving enough; I'm so glad that there are some like you out there.
I hear you with the time for blogging; I had to take a break from it to focus on family - getting back into it now.