Friday, June 14, 2013


I am happy to say the sun has returned to my life. Months of struggle, pain and heartache are slowly becoming part of the past. It has been a hard transition. I have joy but I also carry some heartbreak with me as I know so many still fighting and hoping. Cancer has taught me more about feeling the pain of others. I am still processing so much. I am making time to feed my heart and soul after feeling so worn out, isolated and tired. I am blessed with so many rich friendships and was fortunate enough to spend a weekend with a few of those ladies.
Off to dinner in Lake Chelan. (Hair and clothes by Katie, make up by Jen) My friends take care of me. Great weekend of lounging in the sun, spa time, good food, dancing and as always arm wrestling.
My sweet friend Angela made all of us custom cups. My fav!
I also tried guacamole dip for the first time. Two thumbs up.
Sun, sun and more sun. Don't mind my crooked, slightly scary, misled thumbs up with my gorgeous friend Katie.
Walking slow enough behind my girls to capture this day in my memory forever. See there are benefits of not being able to run.
Sunny day of play led L to this treasure. Yes, God is that Big! 
I have been feeling God tug on me each day to pause and spend time in the Word with Him. I often times ignore this or become busy doing something else. However I have started each day for the past week or so on my porch reading, thinking, praying and soaking in the warm sun. This is not forced quiet time or checking it off the list but real longing to be with God.  Where did that come from? I just plain love the sun, God knows me so well.  I guess part of my sun love comes from the wonderful memories I have on the beach and around water with my Granny and Papa. Two people who were my sunshine on the cloudiest of days. So even though I have been hit and miss in bloggy is well with my soul. I am holding onto my light, and staying close to my Rock. 
As for running, there is not too much to report. I have been resting since Eugene. I have ran twice in the last two weeks, both times on the mill. I will continue to be cautious. I have been spinning and lifting as often as possible which has been fun. I am signed up for a Sprint Tri in August and hoping for a solid half in the fall. I have definitely had the race itch and look forward to when those days will come again and I know they will. So be sure to not train your days away and take time to chill and feel the warmth of the sun.  Our new puppy Poppy demonstrates below. Have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

I love this post! I love seeing you glow and to know that your heart is healing from all of the hurt. Precious memories with those kiddos! Think of you often!

Kerrie T. said...

Beautiful! I could feel the warmth in this post. :) On my last leg of the relay a few weeks ago--along the river--there were giant dandelions like that one. I'd never seen any that size before! What tri are you signed up for???

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Love Lake Chelan!!! I am glad that you had such a fun girl's weekend. We all need more girl's weekends in my opinion. It is the best time to act goofy and recharge.

I still can't believe you tried guac for the first time. I am obsessed with it. There is a greek yogurt guac at Trader Joe's that I inhale! You would love it.

Kris said...

It makes my heart happy to read this :)
what a fun weekend with your girls :)
and I love gucamole!!!(random I know)
what fall half are you thinking of? I was thinking of maybe doing the Scenic Half (on 9/15) in Sandpoint,ID it would be fun to run together, if you would like to and would be ready by then.

fancy nancy said...

You are gorgeous and this post is just beautiful!!! Makes me think of how amazing the sun feels after a long your body can finally relax! One point to is it you made it this long without trying guacamole? LOVE it!!!

Marnee A said...

Okay, seriously that is the first time you have ever had guacamole? You are only now beginning to live!!! hahaha, I think in the summer time if someone cut me I'd bleed that stuff. Love it! Mostly I love this post and how wonderful it is to hear about your heart healing. The time you get with Papa is priceless and makes me realize I want to do the same. See you in a few months for the celebration party!

Elizabeth said...

i just love you :) cannot believe you just had guac?? and i saw on instagram sushi?? love that you are stepping outside your food comfort zone to some of my favorites!!

Sara said...

Love reading this post, and I am glad to hear there is some sunshine in your life. Your pictures are beautiful, as are you. And your pup is so cute! Take care.