Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life Distractions

Wow, where have I been? I have good inentions of blogging but life has been busy lately and I have not been able to find the time.

I am ok with my brief absence as I have been enjoying myself with a summer full of kids, friends and family.

Here's my Wednesday Wrap Up/Catch Up

1 great week of running (two weeks ago). Finally hit 30 miles for the week. Felt strong and solid.

2 trips to the Water much fun! I heart the sun.

3 families in McCall! Rented a house and spent time with dear friends and their kiddos!

4 nights in McCall, paid for three, packed up to leave and then found out the owner thought we were going to be there we unpacked and stayed another night FREE!!

5 of us canoed down the Payette River and even found a ROPE swing!

6 bottles of Mikes consumed (over 4 days). I had never tried was a yummy treat since I am the oddball who doesn't drink wine, beer or champagne! Love the cranberry lemonade...went great with poker!

7 number of mosquito bites from canoeing and roasting marshmellows

OK...I can't keep that up. But it was fun to try!

We went from the Beach to Warrior Dash to McCall! Seeing friends and family along the way!It has been GREAT!

Since we have been home I have been trying to catch up with reality! My running has been sketchy the last weeks. I am having a hard time getting myself up and running and home by 7:00 so the hubs can get to work. I DID get up this morning and run 4.5!! That gives me hope...right?

Tomorrow we are off to Coeur D'Alene to hang at the resort with one of my college buddies! Ahhh bring on more sun and sand! We will also swing by and pick up Lovely L's new glasses. Very exciting! She is gearing up for 3rd grade while my One and Only can't wait for 5th grade to begin!

Oh and my sweet J...she is off to kindergarten is just a matter of weeks. She is READY and I am trying to get ready! I will be here for her first half day but will unfortunately be RUNNING Hood to Coast on her first solo day. I know...what the heck? She is cool with it and it took me several weeks to be OK but I am thinking it may be a blessing. Her Daddy will be with her and that will be special. Daddy's should have special moments too. Every other time in my life when I have had to take a kindergartner to school...I have always left with a baby on my hip. It kind eases the sting of tears when you can wrap you arms around your baby. This time I will be solo...with no baby or toddler to go home to! I will however take her every other day of the year and will cherish every moment!!

Between now and then we will hit the water park again, BBQ with friends, and kids will get to go spend a few days with their grandparents! Plus about 100 other things.

So there have been some DISTRACTIONS from running and I am ok with that because my FOCUS has been in many other places and it has been great!

P.S. One of thing I have been pursuing on the side is graduate school...well after tons of work and more WRITING that any person should ever have to do at one time...I got in! I will begin a distance degree in graduate school this fall. Classes starts 8/22 which meant I will be in my first week of class during HTC. WHAT??? Thank goodness God is watching out for me....randomly this particular class will have a late start and begin 9/6. Whew...that was close!

OK now that we are kind of caught up...get ready for a NUUN PLATUUN update and giveaway!! Hood to Coast is just weeks away and there has been tons of team planning gearing up for the big race!


XLMIC said...

Sounds like you are having just an AWESOME summer, Harmony :) Busy as all heck, but awesome nonetheless!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You have had a great couple of weeks. So glad R can be with J for the first day and will give him a chance to play mom and dad!

Will the sun be shining there when I get back? please, please!

So, is Mike's your new recovery drink? ;)

Lisa said...

Wow, sounds like you've really been taking advantage of the summer! Good luck with your training these last few weeks before HTC!

Run with Jess said...

You certainly have your fill of distractions! Summer is so busy, huh?! My oldest heads to K this year and I'm gonna be a mess!! But at least I'll have my "baby" to cling to yet... although at 3 yrs old, she's started to push away my bear hugs too... :(

Marlene said...

Wowee, you have been BUSY! Sounds like fun! Congrats on grad school!!!!

mmm, I love Mikes in the summer.

megan.vining said...

I'm glad I was able to inspire you! props on a fantastic summer...isn't this way they are supposed to be?!

Nikki Kendall said...

My little man started Pre-K this week! I swear that 5th graders are getting bigger!!!

Kerrie T. said...

So busy! Guess what? We are coming over to WSU 3x this fall!!!! Not sure if I'll have time to run, but hopefully we can meet-up. We can talk more in a couple weeks. :)

Julie D. said...

what an awesome summer, harmony! Gotta love a yummy Mikes on a summer day! Congrats on getting into grad school! That is huge!! Excited for you and so glad that all the details are working out too. Go get'em!!

Richelle said...

You're having an awesome, fun and busy summer! I like a good bottle of Mike's every now and then myself. :)