Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love in the mud!

Quick snap shot from my first Warrior Dash! It was sooo much fun! My husband did great! Some of the obstacles were it always brought a smile to my face once we "made it" through each one (together).

I will definitely be back again next year! Anyone want to join me?? Meet up?

On a running note...I am in a good spot! Mild weather, with sunshine and squeezing in runs as often as possible. We have had college friends staying here all week with their 4 kids so it has been CRAZY! That is a total of 7 kids....oh yeah and they brought their dog! Good times!

Hoping to go through my vacay pics soon!

Also less than a month until Hood to Coast....!! Woo hoo!! Wow, so much to say and so little time!

P.S. I have a difficulty commenting on some blogs so if you have been missing me...I have been locked out but still reading!!

What have you been BUSY with???

Happy Running!!


XLMIC said...

You sure look like you had a blast!

I wish I were busy getting muddy and going on vacation, instead I have simply been home with 4 kids doing the summer thang :P

Tricia said...

super fun!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Such a a great influence on the hubs! That race looks like a blast. May have to join you sometime! ;)


ShortSkirts said...

Nice I was at that one too! That's the North Bend Wa one yes? I recognized the mountains in the background.

It was pretty fun, and muddy

Lesley @ said...

Love the Spaghetti O's shirt!!!

LauraElaine said...

So fun! I am signed up to do one in 2 weeks, but since I'm preggo I do'nt think it's such a good idea...hopefully next year!

Richelle said...

So glad you had fun! Not sure if I will ever do a Warrior Dash.

I've been doing wedding prep work and packing for my upcoming move to the condo my fiance and I purchase. We close on August 12.

Sam {} said...

sounds like so much fun!!

Nicole Wagner said...

CUTE pics!!!!!! busy with trying to get back in shape!! aaaahhh..