Friday, March 4, 2011

Washington State University 100K

First of all I am thrilled to have new friends in my support crew! Over 200! Nice! Please say hi and tell me a little about yourself. I am encouraged that my Thirsty Thursday posts aren't sending people running (well I do want you to run, but AFTER your read Thirsty Thursday). Thanks for letting me share my heart!

OK so let's get down to business. The WSU 100K is where I first stepped out of my comfort zone and tried running! A friend recruited me for LEG 10 and I trained hard and long to get to 4 miles.

It was an experience I will never forget! I was the last leg (no pressure) and we have to place 5th to get a ribbon and we were in 6th. The thing with a relay is you have to WATCH that other team/runner tag and go while you WAIT! So I waited and then I RAN (way to fast) and was determined to PASS this girl to get that RIBBON!! My team cheered from the car and encouraged me the whole way. The last bit two teammates jumped out and helped pushed me (I was sure I was going to die)...I was almost in reach of the PASS! Once we got close they stopped and I made the QUIET and QUICK pass!! I held on and we got our 5th place ribbon!

I was hooked and fell in LOVE with running that day!
Since then I have ran it two other times getting 4th and 3rd place!

So as I am considering getting a team together and thought I would put a shout out to any bloggers who may want to make the trek or learn more. If this peaks your interest go check it out HERE.

APRIL 17th
WSU 100K Legs

Ascent Desecent
1 6.5 500 540 WSU Field House
2 5.6 200 250 Wawawai Rd-Flat Rd
3 7.9 240 1930 Wawawai Rd-Union Flat Rd
4 7.7 50 60 Wawawai Landing-Snake River
5 8.7 40 40 Blyton Landing-Snake River
6 6.3 1720 40 Bottom of Steptoe Canyon Rd
7 4.1 460 290 Steptoe Canyon-Schlee Rd
8 5.6 240 330 Old Johnson School
9 5.3 110 330
10 4.1 230 150 Busby grain elevator

LEG 6 is for CHAMPIONS....are you game?

Yes that is the one and only Jess from BLONDE PONYTAIL in the pictures above!! Ummm please don't compare our legs! I think if I compared my Portland legs to this old pic. I would feel better! I am sure it was the wind or lighting! Good times!

Happy to report I ran my 7 this morning and hit 3 @ GP. Ankle is hurting and slightly swollen??? Going to ice and see how it feels Sunday! Tired and ready to rest! Did the SHRED yesterday and muscles are feeling it! Big ball game tomorrow for One and Only and our team! Can't wait!


AngMomof3 said...

I remember your first relay and remember thinking you were crazy-- especially when you were ready for more afterwards! And look where you are today. Simply incredible!

Lisa said...

What a great story! I love it! Hope your ankle feels better soon and its just a random thing.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

We were so lucky to get weather like that when the rest of Spring was kind of icky last year! Great job on your 7 miler and ice that Spankle!!

I wrote about this race in my "About Me" section!

Kerrie T. said...

Holy crap. I want to do this. And maybe since it's got WSU in the name, Mr. T will think it's a great idea.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Day before Boston so I am out.. Love this post.. UGH Ankle pain, not good, way to take care of it now...

Amanda@runninghood said...

ah, this is great. I would if I wasn't training for something already. So, do you and Jess know each other outside of the blog world? LIke before blogs? Great job on your 7 mile!

Marlene said...

Oh wow, what a great race for your FIRST! No wonder you caught the bug.

Deanna@MilesToRun said...

Sounds like an awesome race and so fun! I love your running are such a cute little thing. I love that you are smiling while you're running too. :)

Cynthia O'H said...

Wow, those pictures are full of power and enthusiasm. Hope your ankle feels better soon.

Nicole Wagner said...

what a cool post!!! I am addicted to the "race" too.....good job.

Ramblin' On said...

I would only hold you back so I will pass this year. I'm not at fighting form and have to work out my knee/mental game before I commit. How great has this journey been?! Hope your ankle doesn't get to kankle size.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love these photos! You look so happy!