Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Year

Happy Friday! Today I am celebrating my birthday! I am home with my three blessings and we are relaxing together! I have already beat my One and Only twice playing (door basketball) and the girls are just waiting to paint nails! I even think we may bust out that Yahtzee in a bit! I know I PARTAY hard!

Hubby had to leave EARLY today so I woke up and found myself on our ancient, broken, rubber burning treadmill. I needed to get in 5 miles! I felt tired and I am sure that the speed as well as the time was OFF! So I just tried to find my pace and make the best of it! I am trying to mentally prepare myself for 12 miles on Sunday in 30 degree weather. Hmmm, not sure how that will work out?

As I think about turning another year OLDER it makes me laugh. I know the number is getting bigger but my life is so different! It is fuller and healthier than it was when I was YOUNG. Maybe BIGGER is BETTER! Who knew what JOY knowing God, having a loving husband and 3 kids could bring? I thought I would share some of my favorite pics from days past! Each day brings opportunities and moments! So happy I caught these on camera!

I was chatting with a friend as I was doing HILLS on an .8 incline with sweat dripping from my neck and nose and she said something that rang true for me.
She said "I bet you weren't doing this when you were 21."

There is something about running hills in your 30's post 3 babies that feels GOOD!! I am a strong mommy! I love to run and it has been an amazing gift that God has laid on my heart! Running has drawn me closer to God and taken me on a journey of over 1,000 miles this year!!

Things I love
* love my boy and how he still needs me
* love the confidence I see in Lovely L
* love how Sweet J cares for me
* unconditional love from my hubby
* love the beach, white sand, warm sun
* smell of the ocean
* fish fry with family
* spring flowers
* rocking babies
* fried chicken
* good friends
* dancing
* Disney
* running
* a challenge
* Easter Candy
* Traditions
* a good workout
* grits with bacon
* encouraging others
* Cabbage Patch Kids
* laughing
* diet coke and baked lays
* dreaming about my Papa and Granny
* treats in the mail

This year:
* lost my dear dog Ruby
* started a BLOG
* ran over 1,000 miles
* ran my first marathon
* left my comfort zone and FOLLOWED God
* allowed myself to heal
* Discovered McCall Idaho
* made new friends
* treasured old friends
* celebrated 13 years of marriage in MAUI
* Hit Disney with the extended family
* learned to not give up
* close friends moved away
* took LOTS of pictures

Let's just say I am blessed, growing and looking forward to this next year!!
Last night I had a dream about my Papa and in the dream he was picking me up. When we woke up as kids we would smell, the bacon, grits and biscuts cooking and we would call him and would come and pick us up out of the bed and carry us! I remember doing this when I was BIG. I am guessing 13 or 14. I would wrap my legs around him and lay my head on his shoulder. He was usually wearing a white tank undershirt so I could feel his shoulder on my cheek and smell his shaving cream. So in my dream last he night did the same thing...Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. If you left me a comment regarding my KEEP ON KEEPING ON sticker! Please email me your MAILING address so I can drop one in the mail! THANKS for being part of my journey!


SupermomE12 said...

Happy Birthday!! I am so glad you are having a great day. :)

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Teamarcia said...

Happy Birthday! May every day be as wonderful for you and this one is.

misszippy said...

Happy birthday! You've had a great year (except for losing your pup, of course). I hope the coming year brings you lots of happiness.

Caroline said...

happy birthday!!!!
here's to another great year!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Happy birthday running buddy! I really enjoyed reading your lists. Was that Linhda that said that at the gym?! What a great point. YOu are a wonderful role model to your children and Ryan is a lucky guy!! ;)

Deanna@MilesToRun said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a perfect day. I loved reading about your precious.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!!

Julie D. said...

Happy Birthday! What a cool birthday gift to have a dream of your Papa. What a great year you've had, and an even better one to come!

Marlene said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like a wonderful day with the family, and what a sweet memory of your Pap!

April said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hope your day was extra special!
I love your "I Love" list...
God is so good to send us little reminders like your dream to let us know we are loved!

Ramblin' On said...

It's always good to look back at what you've accomplished so you can see where you still want to go. I like that you look at things on the up side of life. Keep on blogging and keep on pursuing what is important to you and makes you feel content. Then, happiness is just the added bonus.

Wendy said...

Sounds like an awesome year!!