Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thirsty Thursday..True Love

Yes, yes this is my running blog but Thirsty Thursday is where I share God and how is he is touching my life...which always connects to other passions in my life!
Some of you may be familiar with the Bible Story of Hosea and Gomer (Gomer is the girl)

I had heard it before just knew it had something to do with a prostitute and this guy. There is much more to the story and the impact and message to Israel but today I am just thinking about Hosea and Gomer.

So this Sunday I heard it again. This time with clarity and by the end I felt an overwhelming sense of LOVE.
So here is the quick version of the story. Hosea 1-3
Hosea was a prophet and the Lord spoke to him and told him to take an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness. (Hmmm, I doubt this what Hosea was hoping for)So he married Gomer and loved her deeply. Gomer was beautiful. Gomer was unfaithful and bore children that did not belong to Hosea. Gomer would leave and be gone through the night. She eventually left her three children and did not return. Hosea cared for the children and still loved Gomer deeply. Hosea knew that Gomer was with another man and he met with the man and gave him provisions to care for Gomer. Even though Gomer was not faithful or with him, he still wanted to provide for her.

The man gave the provisions to Gomer but did not tell her they came from Hosea. Time goes on (not sure how many years) and then there comes a point when the Lord speaks to Hosea again telling him to reconcile with his wife even though she was loved by another and was an adulteress.

So Hosea went to where women were being sold in an auction. There stood Gomer, naked, thin, weak, empty, haggard, wrinkled, and used. Men who use to look at her in lust and pay for her services but now looked at her in scorn and disgust. Who would want this stained and dirty person? The bidding had made it up to 13 shekels (which was the same price as a farm animal) Someone bid 15 and the Hosea spoke up and bid 15 shekels and a homer and a half of barley.

Ummm Wow! Try to imagine and put yourself in Gomers shoes. Put yourself up there on that platform stipped of clothing and self worth...WHO WOULD COME FOR YOU? What Hosea did for Gomer could not have been easy. Imagine the pain and hurt he must have experienced over the years.

No matter what Gomer did or did not do he still loved her and pursued her. There relationship was restored! This is the picture of God's love for us. No matter what we have done and how many "Gomer" moments or years we have had in our life, God will always love us. He is always there and with open arms. How many times in my life have I hurt God or the people around me. People don't always forgive completely. It is too easy to leave a little of the stain know to bring up and throw in their face just in case.

I don't feel Hosea ever did that to Gomer. He knew that God had called him to marry Gomer and love her unconditionally just like God loves us. I can't imagine the complete trust Hosea must have had in God.

I saw myself on the platform...if people could see all my sin, mistakes, pain, and choices from my past, who would want me??

It is an overwhelming sense of relief and comfort knowing that God wants me and loves me and desires for me to be close to Him.

Have you ever felt like Gomer? What are you thoughts?

To hear the sermon you can check it out HERE just click on Media.

Have a wonderful day and thanks to all my followers who allow me to share a bit more than running every week! Enjoy!

Speaking of running...did my 12 X 200's 5 miles! Yehaw, glad that is over!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I have always loved this story of redemption and unconditional love! I have been overwhelmed by God's love this semester...thanks for challenging us to reflect on our lives.

Anonymous said...

"It is an overwhelming sense of relief and comfort knowing that God wants me and loves me and desires for me to be close to Him."

It overwhelms me too. God's love is so amazing

Emz said...

I feel like Gomer at least


Awesome post.

Deanna@MilesToRun said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog where you too are trying to balance life as a mom, a runner, and a follower of Christ.

I'm going to have a better day because of this post. Thanks.