Friday, April 30, 2010

The Dreadmill



Here are my post tempo run shots. I was tired and sweaty and happy to be done. I am bummed to look at my mileage for April. I DID NOT make my goal or 100 miles. Man...what was I thinking?? I logged close to 60 miles this month, which is lower than last month by 13 miles I believe. BOO!!!! I had one weird week with illness and a conference away that really made a difference...I guess UGH!! Trying to not get down and try for that 100 again this month. MAY is National Running Month, so maybe I was just saving up. Now that I am officially training for the half I am going to try to plot out my miles and see what the best case scenario may be for mileage. I know I need more miles, because I am in desperate need of improved endurance. Tomorrow I will start May off with a bang! Plan calls for 7...could be a long, windy, wet run...I'll let ya know how it goes.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give Away

Check out Jen's give away at her blog Setting You Free.
Very cute Brooks t-shirt!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For some reason there isn't a place to comment on the video I just posted and I would love to hear your thoughts. I think this will work!

P.S. Just squeezed in my 4 mile tempo run, details and a pic believe it or not...coming soon.

Leeland - Follow You with special guest Brandon Heath (official video)

Check out this video. We are having Compassion Sunday this week at my church and I am setting up a table of children who are need of sponsors. This song brings tears to my eyes and makes me think about what I am called to do! Hope you take the time to watch and listen...the lyrics say it all! Also say a prayer that some children are sponsored and able to feel God's love!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rain or Shine

Just a quick post as I am sitting here watching the Biggest Loser. So inspiring! This morning was my first day of "training" for the Rock N Roll Seattle Half. I set my clothes out and mentally prepared myself that I WOULD get UP and go to the gym and get my miles in before starting a very full day. Well somehow I ended up having this really crazy, realistic dream. I was in some type of math class and I was in the middle of taking some intense notes for some test when....MY ALARM GOES OFF. I woke up and looked at the clock and thought I can't go run becuase then I will miss the oh so very important math notes. Sooooo...if you can believe this I rolled over and went back to sleep and back to MATH class. WHAT???? Anyhow I somehow woke up at 6:30 and realized I didn't have a math test. It was 6:30 which gave me 30 minutes to get my run. So I jumped up and grabbed my clothes and then noticed it was RAINING!!
Opened the door and it was a warm gentle sprinkle so I decided to go for it! It felt great even though I came home wet with some very saggy pants! It was a mental victory that I won. I am not sure if I have to go to MATH class tonight....hee hee!

Also just a quick shout out to Angela who let me join her for her LEVEL 3 Jillian Michael's work out. She did a great job and that baby was tough! Great way to mix things up! How do you mix things up???


Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm alive

Well last week was long and busy and it seemed to take me more than a day to recover from the 100K. Being gone two days at a conference didn't help either. Friday I went on a run on our city trail and had a weird running encounter. This guy came up behind me so I slowed down but he didn't pass he came along side me. I just stayed at my pace and looked ahead. He wasn't going anywhere so I broke the ice and asked him how far he was running?? He just started chatting and we ran the last two miles shooting the breeze. Kind of weird don't ya think?? What is runner's etiquete on this one? Would you have ignored him?? Stopped and walkes??

It felt good to move and break through the mental block that was trying to form a wall in my mind. After the 100K I was really doubting if I could be marathon material. I am feeling better now and looking ahead.

This morning I was finally able to run with my buddy again and that always makes me feel better. We ran 6.5 with hills and wind and made good time. I was tired, but stress free!
Mile 1 8:43
Mile 2 8:52
Mile 3 8:09
Mile 4 7:56
Mile 5 8:33
Mile 6 8:09
last 1/2 7:51
TIME: 56:09
8:30 average

This week I will start thinking about the Seattle Half and try to get a plan. Only 2months away!! I am sooo excited that there are so many bloggy friends running as well!! Also a big CONGRATS to Amanda at Five Miles Past Empty on rocking her first marathon!! Wooo HOO!!

Happy Running

Monday, April 19, 2010

100K Relay Recap

Well first of all we placed 3rd out of 8 or 9 teams, still not sure total. This was HUGE and everyone on my team really did have some stellar runs! I did OK...learned so much. Amazing to see an ultra finish right after our team.

1. Sometimes you just have to follow a girl. I spent 4 miles trying to catch a girl and finally passed her only to realize my legs were DEAD and I had 5 more miles to go.
2. Even if it feels good going 8:30 mile one....SLOW DOWN.
3. I need someone to honestly tell me if I should really be running in revealed a lot of skin (AKA..flying muscle/fat??)

Here is the run down of my time and my thoughts:

Mile 1 8:33 (wow I feel amazing)
Mile 2 7:59 (I think I'm a rock star)
Mile 3 8:33 (I will pass her)
Mile 4 7:56 (DID IT!)
Mile 5 9:17 (OK where is the finish my legs are burning)
Mile 6 8:35 (I can't do this)
Mile 7 9:12 (I want to walk)
Mile 8 10:11 (10 minutes UGH..will I really be able to do a marathon?)

OK better go...have a conference to go to for a few days. Can't wait to catch up with everyone...and hear about BOSTON!!

Some of team....we were pretending we were in Ireland
My amazing running buddy!!
My super friend who drove us around ALL day!

Motivation for next year...check out the first place finish time. We were "Hit the Road Jack"
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J and I being water girls
Can you spot me anxiously awaiting our third place ribbon
Dead after my run
I'm pretty sure there is way too much stuff "flying" around when I run...ugh!
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Friday, April 16, 2010


Wow, I can't believe the week has flown by. I have felt a bit emotional all week and feel my neck is totally weirding out today...feels like a pinched nerve. WHAT??? Hubby has been swamped and working way too much!! Trying to keep it pulled together and not get overwhelmed with the many hats I have been sporting these days! So I am guessing it just stress. now let's talk race day strategy. I NEED one! I am excited but trying to help myself be OK with the "what if's" of running. Of course I want a perfect run with GOOD time, but know that may not happen. I am little worried about the 70+ weather and running with a new ipod for the first time. I have a nano which straps on my arm but my hubby won a SMALL, I'm talking thumb drive size ipod?? He finally just last night around midnight downloaded some music and showed me how to use it! I so wish I would have had time to run with it, but I did walk today with it and think I will give it a shot. Sunday will be my first long run of the year in HEAT. Trying to figure out what food to pack and when to eat/drink??? I will be heading out at 6:30 a.m to go pick team members and probably won't run until around 11:00. So I will be getting in and out the car cheering on teammates until my TIME comes to warm up and RUN!! I am thinking of eating something around 9?? There are ribbons to be I am hopeful we can place in top 3 women's teams??

It will be a little bitter sweet as my peeps and hubby just left to go to the grandparents. They are SURPRISING hubby's mom for her 60th b-day. So I will miss my crew as last year they cheered me on and they were so so cute each holding signs saying "we love you". So I will run, fast and hard so I can call with a strong race report. Looking forward to a great day with a bunch of great ladies! Hope you all have a great weekend as well. I know many of you have some long runs on the agenda. Good luck!

Tues: Intervals 3.5 miles
Wed: Whole Body Workout (OUCH...still sore)
3 mile walk, 1 mile run

Thurs: 4 miles
Mile 1 8:27
Mile 2 9:22
Mile 3 7:49
Mile 4 8:02
All over the place AGAIN?? I was so tired at the will I do this
for 9 miles??

Fri: walk/my body wanted to rest!
Sat: walk
Sun: 100 K Relay RACE!!!! Woo Hoo!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Run

So I was so thankful that the SUN continued through Sunday and I was able to wear SHORTS on my run. Yipppeee! Felt so good to be moving...outside. It almost seemed as if wasn't going to happen due to a number of factors! Long story...once I finally made it I was able to chat and warm up with Megan a fellow 100K team member..and run into three other team members (BONUS). I was happy to see everyone out and about trying to get in that last long run. Mentally I was a bit stressed over the idea of running at "race pace" but I feel pretty good with the outcome.
Mile 1 8:58
Mile 2 8:42
Mile 3 8:02
Mile 4 8:15
Mile 5 8:54
Mile 6 8:00

Not sure how to get a stronger start??? I ran a full warm up mile before this and still seemed slow to start. Mile 5 was a mental battle and had to push through those pre set limits I had set. On Sunday I will have to run 9 at this pace or FASTER, which will be a P.R. if I can do it. Really looking forward to spending a day with the ladies!

How do you warm up? What does your first "race pace" mile look like??


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bringing back Tae Bo

With poor weather and hubby gone so much I have been on lock down. Lovely L suggested we do a little Billy. It made me smile to see L trying her best. My other two blessings were armed and ready with water and towels. Many times I told L to take a break but she kept on and did the whole video with me. Definitely not my first choice of a work out but I did feel better doing "something"
Good times! Tomorrow I will fnally be able to run outside and plan to do 5 miles at race pace to help get ready for my relay that is next weekend...YIKES. Cross your fingers for sunshine! I'll let you know how it goes!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

True Story

OK so I DID make it to the gym early this morning and did some speed work and strength training. YES!!

Here is the crazy part of the story. It took me 20 minutes after my alarm went off before I actually moved out of the bed. I was awake just not wanting to get out of those comfty blankets..assessing my ears and throat and trying to find an excuse, but I really did feel better. So when I finally did move I quickly threw my clothes on and I was off. As I pulled into the parking lot I was thinking, "Awww it so nice to be back with familiar cars and faces that I know will be waiting inside". I don't KNOW any of those people but they are there every day at the same time. Girl in the turqoise tank, Man with the white turtle neck, sweet older gals, eliptical mama's with buns of know what I am talking about. OK, so anyways as I walked in the door to put my things in the cubby and a man (white hair head band man) said to me, "It has been quite a few days off hasn't it???". Wow he totally took me by surprise since no one talks to anyone it seems. WHAT????
I think I did some sad laugh and said, "Oh my schedule has changed". Which is true but I have missed more days that I would have liked and it has been HARD to get there mentally and logistically. Dude he was totally calling me out, and I didn't even know him. Do I need this "supervision" really may help. As I began to warm up I debated going over to him and giving him a more lengthy explanation...spring break, sick, etc., but I didn't.

I had a great workout and really appreciated someone caring...I think. So I am hopeful that I am out of my funk and can find some type of schedule again soon. Hard with hubby working LONG days and being gone BUT I am going to Keep on Keeping On! Still a in shock from this morning events...crazy!

Hope everyone find time to RUN, RUN this week!

Monday, April 5, 2010

GREASE lightning...

So I took another REST day as my ears and throat were killing me all night. All day I have been feeling like I have been in a funk. Just needed a little boost or push to get jump started again. I am hopeful for tomorrow being a NEW DAY! Hoping to sleep well and MAKE myself get up early and go workout. I have a 100K relay in two weeks and I want to be ready! My leg is 9 miles.

So I have been pondering a fond name for my trusty Garmin Forerunner. When suddenly it came to me.......FRENCHY (Forerunner). You know Frenchy from the movie Grease. Kind of a spastic, spicy, determined dreamer! Sounds like a match to me. So with that I am excited to take Frenchy on a run this week.

OK back to the game. GO BUTLER!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

BROOKS Glycerin 8 shoes

Hope this is all true for me! Check it out.


Finally get to reconnect with Stacie from Impossible is Nothing. Going to be a fun year!

OK...are you ready for this??? SHOE #3. After much thought and debate I am now trying the BROOKS Glycerin 8. All the stats on the shoe seem to match what I am needing. If these don't work I will go back and get the Asics/Kayonas. Tough to choose...Brooks were 3 oz. lighter so I went for it! No Mizunos even in the area. Crazy! Hoping to hit the treadmill tomorrow. I'll let you know. Thanks to those who gave me tips and suggestions.
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West Side Story


Hanging with my siblings (just missing my big sis...yes there's 6 of us)

My besty!!

Me and buddy!!

My sister Katie who showed us this "trick" of blowing your lips as you take the pic...turns out kind of funny!
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Check out Tricia's Kettle Ball give away at
While your there check out the gun show as well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running into Spring

So I am having some photo upload issues so you will have to wait to see some highlight pics from my trip to the West side. So here are my miles so far for 2010.
Janury 45
February 60.2
March 74
April 2

Having a running buddy definitely helped me with my long runs and getting more miles in. Another goal I have been working on is "Push Ups". I am amazed at how weak I am so I'm working on it gradually. You never know when I may have "push up" contest with my siblings so I need to be ready right?

I am way behind for my 1000 miles in 2010, so for April I setting the goal of running 100 miles...(in sunshine hopefully). This will be tough but it would feel so good to do it! I will give it a shot! I have a 100K relay I am running April 18th so hopefully that will help as well.

Only problem I have is I still don't have my NEW SHOES. I ran today in my BROOKS that have yet to hit pavement and I'm not 100% sold. I feel like my ASICS had more cushion in my toe and that is where I think I wear my shoe wears down?? From my wet footprint I have a high arch and everything I can find says I should be in a NEUTRAL shoe...BUT I have ran in ASICS the last two years and they are a STABILITY shoe. Thinking I may try MIZUNO'S or another BROOKS??? Would it be horrible to get ASICS again, even though I seem to blow the toes out? Any suggestions would be great.

What are your April goals??