Friday, April 30, 2010

The Dreadmill



Here are my post tempo run shots. I was tired and sweaty and happy to be done. I am bummed to look at my mileage for April. I DID NOT make my goal or 100 miles. Man...what was I thinking?? I logged close to 60 miles this month, which is lower than last month by 13 miles I believe. BOO!!!! I had one weird week with illness and a conference away that really made a difference...I guess UGH!! Trying to not get down and try for that 100 again this month. MAY is National Running Month, so maybe I was just saving up. Now that I am officially training for the half I am going to try to plot out my miles and see what the best case scenario may be for mileage. I know I need more miles, because I am in desperate need of improved endurance. Tomorrow I will start May off with a bang! Plan calls for 7...could be a long, windy, wet run...I'll let ya know how it goes.
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Anne said...

Have a good run tomorrow...hope the rain holds off!

Emz said...

Hope it goes perfectly. Enjoy it!!

Stacie said...

Great pics :) Us running girls always look so happy after a run. You will get your miles in. I need to get on a better set schedule, too.