Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running into Spring

So I am having some photo upload issues so you will have to wait to see some highlight pics from my trip to the West side. So here are my miles so far for 2010.
Janury 45
February 60.2
March 74
April 2

Having a running buddy definitely helped me with my long runs and getting more miles in. Another goal I have been working on is "Push Ups". I am amazed at how weak I am so I'm working on it gradually. You never know when I may have "push up" contest with my siblings so I need to be ready right?

I am way behind for my 1000 miles in 2010, so for April I setting the goal of running 100 miles...(in sunshine hopefully). This will be tough but it would feel so good to do it! I will give it a shot! I have a 100K relay I am running April 18th so hopefully that will help as well.

Only problem I have is I still don't have my NEW SHOES. I ran today in my BROOKS that have yet to hit pavement and I'm not 100% sold. I feel like my ASICS had more cushion in my toe and that is where I think I wear my shoe wears down?? From my wet footprint I have a high arch and everything I can find says I should be in a NEUTRAL shoe...BUT I have ran in ASICS the last two years and they are a STABILITY shoe. Thinking I may try MIZUNO'S or another BROOKS??? Would it be horrible to get ASICS again, even though I seem to blow the toes out? Any suggestions would be great.

What are your April goals??


Kerrie T. said...

My footprint says I'm neutral, but I needed a stability shoe. So, I guess what feels good is best, right? I don't know. The whole shoe thing is mind-boggling. It's enough to make a runner go barefoot. Hehehe.

Great job on the mileage and that's a fantastic goal!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I am a mizuno freak, but what I realized is that there is a best shoe for everyone. So you need to maybe try a few and see when your body feels the best, Mizunos keep me injury free.

I hate push ups but P90X is finally making me do them!

Anonymous said...

How do you find time to blog with all your running??

Anyway, my goal for April is to lose another 5 pounds. Met my birthday goal of losing 5, now off to another 5!

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter!