Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm alive

Well last week was long and busy and it seemed to take me more than a day to recover from the 100K. Being gone two days at a conference didn't help either. Friday I went on a run on our city trail and had a weird running encounter. This guy came up behind me so I slowed down but he didn't pass he came along side me. I just stayed at my pace and looked ahead. He wasn't going anywhere so I broke the ice and asked him how far he was running?? He just started chatting and we ran the last two miles shooting the breeze. Kind of weird don't ya think?? What is runner's etiquete on this one? Would you have ignored him?? Stopped and walkes??

It felt good to move and break through the mental block that was trying to form a wall in my mind. After the 100K I was really doubting if I could be marathon material. I am feeling better now and looking ahead.

This morning I was finally able to run with my buddy again and that always makes me feel better. We ran 6.5 with hills and wind and made good time. I was tired, but stress free!
Mile 1 8:43
Mile 2 8:52
Mile 3 8:09
Mile 4 7:56
Mile 5 8:33
Mile 6 8:09
last 1/2 7:51
TIME: 56:09
8:30 average

This week I will start thinking about the Seattle Half and try to get a plan. Only 2months away!! I am sooo excited that there are so many bloggy friends running as well!! Also a big CONGRATS to Amanda at Five Miles Past Empty on rocking her first marathon!! Wooo HOO!!

Happy Running


misszippy said...

Yes, that one would have creeped me out! And let's see...I think it would take me 100 days to recover from 100k, so you're doing just fine in my book!

Ryan said...

I must clarify....I was just ONE leg of the 100K relay. 9 miles!

H Love said...

ooops I did it again...forgot to log the hubs off. Last comment was from me.

AngMomof3 said...

Woo hoo! Another relay in the books! What's your next "formal" run?

That's wierd about the guy... did you ever feel worried about your safety, or was it clear he just wanted to pace with you??? Odd. But good for you for being friendly! Maybe he's super lonely.


You are doing a great job with your running!! I hurt myself this week :( I increased my long runs too quickly and I really hurt my shins. I have to take it easy this week, and it is killing me. As a fellow runner, I am sure you feel my pain! Happy running, and I look forward to reading more about your training!! Melissa :)