Tuesday, December 29, 2009

News Flash...

Well I was so proud of myself for making my last post and excited to start finding a way to journal my days of "running". It is like withy many things...as soon as YOU have a plan...it changes. I met with a trainer tonight for my FREE CONSULT. It didn't take the guy long to figure out that I am....hmmm well let's say a bit stubborn. I relunctly told him about my hurt ankle but that I had been running through the pain. He was not impressed (WHAT?)and told me to "lay low" for a week or two. Ugh...I really dislike the words "lay low". He encouraged me to listen to my body and that NEWS FLASH it may be trying to tell me something. Made me think about how my running relationship can be so similar to my relationship with God. I want to do things my way and think I have the best plan to get there. When the trainer told me to listen to my body..it made me think of the way I have been ignoring my body, just like I ignore God. So it was a tough night and I much rather be blogging that I ran 5miles and feel amazing. So I am going to take a rest from running and trying to keep up my carido in other ways. We shall see, but for now it is off to bed. Tomorrow I will get up head to the gym and then come home and spend the day with my amazing chilren. L & J already have big plans to scrapbook and E wants to build a bird house.

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