Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here we go....

So here I am showing off my new running gear. BBRRRR...yes I did try it out in 30 degree weather. That's another story! That short run did convince me to wait until Spring, or at least 45 degrees until my next outdoor run. Not the best pic but not bad for my 6 year old photographer. We had a great Christmas (hoping to share some pics soon) with family. We had snow on the ground and more gifts and sweets than we knew what to do with. As I have been daydreaming about my blog...I started thinking more about my new LOVE for running. I know, I know....who loves running???? It is a crazy road for sure, but I have learned alot about myself through running. So I am hoping to journal a bit about how I TRY to juggle all my Hats as a mom, wife, friend, consultant, volunteer,trainer and runner all together. So stay tuned. Wishing everyone a great holdiday....GOD is good.

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