Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More changes...

Well I've been thinking about my Papa a lot the last couple of days. About a month before he passed away I was lucky enough to visit with him and I was asking him all about his "favorites". He told me his best or favorite advice would be to "keep on keeping on". So as I thought about my blog even though I loved my "all for Love" title which also stemmed from Papa I felt that my blog was becoming something different that I have envisioned. I knew I wanted to somehow journal trying to balance my life as a mama, wife, friend, and runner, just to name a few. Running is something that at one time wasn't even an option for me. I had decided in my mind long ago I was not a runner and why would I even want to be one?? So when two years (I think) when my Aunt was out for a visit I let the idea of running briefly enter my mind. She has been a runner for as long as I can remember so I was inspired to try. My goal was simple to make it to post office in the little town a mile away. So here I am a few years later and I can run that mile and more.(13.1 to be exact) So this "becoming a better runner" is a journey I am guessing I will be on for a long time. I am finding that there are things that interrupt running, babies, injuries, and laziness to name just a few. The thing I really appreciate about running is that it is always there. Again another metaphor for God in my life....he is always there no matter what distraction may get in the way. In my last post I rambled about how I don't always listen to my body and I get tunnel vision. Running is something I have to work at (not a natural) and I have to work at my relationship with God. So I will keep on keeping on and take things a day at the time. So as you think about the things that "distract" you from growing be it physically, mentally or spiritually I challenge you to make a change.

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