Friday, November 1, 2013

#WERUNSF "Expotique"

It has been a few weeks since my amazing experience in San Francisco as I took part in 13.1 miles of the Nike Women's Marathon. I won't bore you how we arrived into San Francisco late and we got on a scary shuttle bus and were dropped at where we thought we were staying only to find out we were at the wrong hotel. So we then had to get a taxi, which was not the most warm and fuzzy moment of the weekend before we made it safely to our hotel and met up with my dear friend and nuunmate Kim. It just confirmed to me that I am not a big city girl and yes I need a travel buddy!

The next morning we were up early as to beat the lines and it things went pretty darn smooth. I am not a newbie to races and this was like nothing I have ever seen or experienced. Nike is Nike and this was not your typical expo. There were no headbands, rollers, slogan t-shirts or trail mix etc. Instead you walked into a well oiled machine. You were checked in and then given specific directions on where to go next. The mood was "Hollywood" dim lighting, with neon and club like music playing. Almost half of the "expotique" was photo opportunities. The #WERUNSF thing was huge. There were staff wearing the newest Nike gear and even manikins showcasing their new Nike Gear Vapor Flash jacket. You may notice in the pics I started the day in shorts and ended in capri's. It felt like I was sticking out like a sore thumb. Everyone in that place looked like they were two seconds away from a start line!

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Once you made it through that hoopla you could then get the limited number of vendors. It wasn't just anyone there who had a product to sale. Nuun of course was there and had a pretty kicking display. Sharp and eye catching dispensers were there for runners to taste test and learn more. Here is a shot of one of my roomies for the trip. You may recognize her from Run Zoe Run. Paul Mitchell was there doing some crazy cool braid and race day hair do's as well as Neutrogena where you could get a mini makeover and free goodies. Luna bars, Whole Foods and Verizon and that was that. Each company there made your experience unique. And the real kicker is that in this JUMBO tent there wasn't any clothing to BUY. Nothing. Again very different than what I have ever experienced.

However right across the street was the NIKE mothership. 7 floors of shopping (and LOUD music) with what felt like 100's of people all trying to find that magical NWM keepsake. We were also just steps away from Tiffany & Co. This is where my friend Amy AKA my assistant fell in LOVE...the jury is still out if she fell in love with running OR the dream of a little piece of bling she was going to have work her tail off to get the very next day. We had a blast walking the streets of San Francisco and doing a little window shopping. We both knew the next day was going to be a very big day. As many of you know lots of things can happen during 13.1 miles.

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