Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Love for Shoe

I'm in....Woo Hoo!
I am sure by this time you have heard all about Mizuno's
Mesamashii Project. Mizuno is making it happen. They are working with 600 founding members of the project to help place Mizuno's on the feet of runners everywhere. I was so pumped to get the invite. It doesn't matter if you have just started, competetive or a oldie. There is something for everyone. A few years back I discovered Mizuno Wave Riders and loved them. I have tried others shoes since then and have had a tough time finding something that will battle my planter fasciitis as well as my lovely neroma.

The wave riders along with my orthotics have made the difference of me be sidelined vs. out there running. I like the wider toe box so my feet are able to relax and share a bit in the work load.

With the Mezamashii project I was able to order some new kicks just when I needed them. I went with the Wave Rider Inspire 8's and have been very pleased. Mizuno wants every run to be brillant!!!

Time with my Lovely L #momdaughterruns
I have tried to embark on several #brillant runs since then. I have the scenery, location and shoes...time has been my only barrier.
Here are just a few snap shots!

Does it get much better?  Near Bend, OR
Evening Run in my country "hood"


My #brillant run in my final stretch of my first Olympic Run...Rev3 Portland. I was so so happy to have my feet on the ground! I have been learning a lot about myself as an "athlete". Wow, did I just type that?

Yes, I did.

I am learning that my love is RUNNING but I have a bit of the swimming bug as well. However I have temporarily have broke up with my bike....but never fear I am sure it is temporary.

If you love Mizuno, let me know and if you are new to the brand...GO CHECK IT OUT!!
Mizuno has been great to work with and I am excited for what's to come....

When was your last #brillant run?


Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I am glad that someone has the swimming bug! I am glad that you have found another love in doing tris! I swear I am doing one next year. I have been biking a lot lately. Last night I did 13 miles and tomorrow I will probably do 20. I think that biking is fun...for right now. We might break up later too!

Amanda said...

I have mizuno trail shoes and I really like the brand too. I'm due for another pair soon and they'll be on my list to check out. Sadly not a lot of running happening around here for me, but that's going to change very soon!

Caroline said...

I used to run in the Wave Inspire 7and I did like them. I was one of the lucky one to get the same invite you got and I went with the Wave Rider 15 and I LOVE them!