Friday, July 27, 2012

Checking Out Zensah

So my summer has been busier than I expected. Fortunatley my" busy" has involved sunshine, water, food, friends and family.  I have been having fun trying out some fun products.  Loving my Brooks Pure Flow shoes as well as my Mizuni Wave Inspire 8's. (Reviews coming soon)

I was also spoiled with a great treat from Zensah who sent me a pair of compression socks to try out. I immediately knew that I wanted to "save them" and try them after I completed Rev3 Portland. 

This is what Zensah has to say about their socks...
Zensah understands compression. We are the leader in compression apparel for runners and athletes of all sports. Our compression leg sleeves, shorts, and other products feature a propriety fabric that is so comfortable, you may forgot you are even wearing it. If you are a runner and have not yet tried compression, you are missing out. Compression will help you train harder and take your runs to the next level. Whether using compression pre-run to prepare your legs for a grueling workout, during running to fight fatigue and injuries, or post-workout to improve recovery, we have the product for you!

I slipped them on after a quick bite to eat and a long shower. I had just finished my first Olympic triathalon which took me 3:11. I would say that was one heck of a work out and I knew I was going to need recovery.

When I slipped them on I liked how light they were. They were so light I think I would consider running a long training run or race in them.

They were snug and hugged my feet and calves with just the right amount of pressure. I also liked the Left and Right...felt specialized.

After a few minutes of propping my feet up I didn't even feel like I had socks on. I slept in them and woke up feeling refreshed and rested. I even wore them on the 6 hour car ride home just for fun. I didn't have any soreness after my tri. My only sore spot was my thumb. Most likely from my death grip on the brake during the bike portion.

The real test for me will be to try them after a half or marathon but for now I think Hood to Coast which is less than 4 weeks away (yikes) will be a GREAT TEST!

Zensah has all types of products for performance and recovery. Go check it out and thanks Zensah for a chance to try something new. I think I will pack these guys with me on my next running or tri adventure!

What do you use for recovery? Do you train or race in your recovery socks?

Keep On Keeping On


Jill - Striving to Stay the Course said...

Those look cozy! I have some purple sleeves I got to review last fall. They are great, since I seem to have so many shin issues!
You did awesome on your tri. It is very inspiring to me and tempting to "tri" it myself...although I have ZERO desire to swim in open water!
We are volunteering at the Girlfriends and Dudes Tri in Vancouver this weekend and I think that'd be a good one to do, too.

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I used to wear CEP sleeves until I met Zensah! I love Zensah more because the fabric is softer (does that sound weird?) I usually purchase the sleeves because I have small feet and I am picky about my socks. Not sure how well the socks would fit me.
I don't know I ran without compression sleeves before- I wear them on all long runs and most of my tempo workouts too. After hard workouts I also wear them around the house.

Marnee said...

We will have to try these out. I'm with T, I use CEP but think I might like the softness as well.