Sunday, April 1, 2012

Going #2

I survived my first night shift with the team and was so happy to when we made it to our exchange point. I ran the last leg in the rain but I was motivated knowing we would get a brief break. Luckily this stop was at a restaurant. We showered and went to find some grub. The thing with eating real food meant I would have to eventually going to "bathroom". I tried to block that out as the idea of going "#2" outside at night on the side of the road scared me a bit.

Here is my teammate Kelsey giving a thumbs up to our first dining experience. Happy for frosty mugs and ice cold Diet Coke.

I knew that I would learn new things on this journey but going #2 outside was never on my list. In our first leg one of my rock star teammates was able to break the ice by letting everyone know that she had gone #2 in the most enthusiatic way. All of sudden we all felt a little closer and I knew my turn was coming when I would have to ask, "Can someone pass me some TP?"

Here I am with Zody getting ready to try to take a quick power nap so we would be ready to get up and run the next 8 hour shift.

I hydrated as much as possible and enjoyed my NUUN. This would help right?

Here I am post run and a hot mess. At this point I knew I was going to have to do something I have never done before. I wasn't sure if I take a bag, dig a hole or what? But when you are on the road for 8 hours running it is bound to happen...right?

This is just one of my bathroom stops and probably the most private one by far. I became a pro of asking for the TP and finding a spot. We had to be quick as we didn't want to the leave the runner alone. My teammates took pleasure if taking pics of me each time after my #2 stops. Most of them I have TP in one hand and I am pulling up my shorts with the other.
So there you have it! Some had it easier than others but one thing is for sure we are all more alike than different and we all supported each other. The brutal reality of running for 21days across America will involve lots of #2 stops as well as wardrobe changes and other fun surrpises I am sure.

Have you ever had to go #2 during a run or biking experience? If so what did you learn?


Rebecca said...

OK, you ready for a super embarrassing 1st marathon story? SO my fear was having to go to the bathroom at all, and I thought I was awesome for never stopping once to go to the bathroom. Of course, as I spot the finish line, I pick up the speed, and my bladder wasn't having it. Yeah, as I finished, peeing myself people cheered me on. It. Was. fantastic.

Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb said...

Loving these recaps. So glad you're open to talking about going #2. I've talked about it MANY times on my blog. People probably think I'm crazy. Ha. I try to empty out prior to my runs but I've had emergency pit stops behind bushes (thankfully during early morning dark runs) and even had a full on accident (not so thankful as it happened in broad daylight but thankful for cell phones and a speedy husband in a car that came as fast as he could). Oh yes, these stories are always fun =)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Looks like FUN!! You rock doll!!