Friday, January 20, 2012

I May Bend But I Won't Break

MOVE by Mercy Me

3 days home with my three blessings surrounded by WHITE snow as far as the eye can see! Living in the middle of a wheat field can bring such beauty! It has been great but my heart and mind are still heavy. (and it I don't stop eating so much my body will join the club as well)

In my HOME life we have been praying and bracing ourself for a very big appointment on Tuesday. We have our FIRST scan since my husbands diagnosis. They will do a CT scan of his lungs. This needs to come back CLEAR! I have only tried to imagine this day ending up GREAT as it is too scary to think about it coming back any other way. Even though we try to live day to day, it is hard and we still feel like we are trying to catch our breath.

In Running Life...things have been slow!! I did run 1 mile on Wed. and then 2 miles on Thurs. Today was PT so I rested and they worked my feet over. Ultrasound, massage, excercise and ice. He said I can try to run a few times this week and see how it goes.

When asking him long term plan, the response is we just have to take it one run at a time.
Seriously? I have told him I have 14 weeks until my marathon but not sure if he even knows what that really means.

This week I am hoping to:

Today: Run 4
Sat: REST (I will be coaching my son's AAU team all day)
Sun: Run 4
Mon: Run 3
Tues: REST (APPOINTMENT DAY...pray, pray, pray)
Wed. Run 4
Thurs. Run 3
Fri. Run 3
Sun. 5 to 6 (assuming my feet have tolerated the week) PLEASE!!

Total Week 20ish (I know...don't tell me how far behind I am)
This could also go NOWHERE and I may not be able to run more than once or twice :(

Then the following week I hope to TRAIN close to normal but increas mileage and only run four days.

Who knows?? Just need to breathe and move as much as possible. I am going to TRY to hit up SPIN once a week and some other strength/cardio classes.

3 weeks ago (BEFORE the REST marathon began) I had a good base. Running 10-13 each weekend easily. So here is to hope and LOTS of muscle memory!

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5 Miles Past Empty said...

I am praying for you and for your family! I know how scary this can be. But I know you can feel God's arms around you, he's there.....Keep the faith and keep running, as your body allows.

Kayla said...

I will definitely be praying Harmony! I will be praying for peace leading up to the appointment and for the appointment/scans to be good!

fancy nancy said...

I'll be praying Harmony! God knows what you need (scans and running wise) and He is forever faithful!

Nicole said...

I will be sending prayers that the appointment goes well. I also hope that your body keeps healing and you can up your mileage and run.

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

i am sending prayers and love your way - i pray for a CLEAR scan and that hope and good news abound.
i know it is hard to take it one day, one run at a time - you are so strong and you will get there!!

Suz and Allan said...

I will be sure to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers this next week. I pray that the scans are clear!

Kris said...

You and Your Family are in my prayers. That song is great, just keep your head and and your eyes on His face. "casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
I'm in agreement with you and the others that the scans will come back clear, Thank You Jesus for making it happen :)