Friday, December 9, 2011

I love lucy

I was so HAPPY that lucy contacted me to see if I would like to try and review one of their running products. Huge EXCITING!! I have never tried anything from Lucy before so I was excited to learn more.

Early morning photos by Lovely L

Not sure what I am doing here?

Here is what their website says: "lucy Activewear® was founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon by a group of like-minded women who felt that workout wear should not only support your athletic pursuits, but should be stylish and flattering, too. All of our styles are designed and developed by women who do the activities we design for: yoga, running, training, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to your favorite destination. And that’s just scratching the surface: on our team we also have marathoners, triathletes, swimmers, tennis players, golfers, rock climbers, dancers, weight lifters, Pilates enthusiasts and even martial arts experts. We’re a passionate group, and our mission is to make clothes that fit and flatter you, your life, and your passion.

At lucy, we’re passionate about performance, and believe that every passion starts with a spark. It’s the kind you can’t ignore, illuminating every aspect of your life: your family, your friends, your career, your community, and your sport. We’re here to shine a light on that spark—fitting, since lucy comes from lux, the Latin word for “light”.

So you know that little light you have inside?

Fire it up. Ignite it. Let it shine. Because you’re lucy. We are all lucy.
lucy’s apparel is designed with an athlete’s needs in mind. Our products enhance and support your active endeavors with a combination of carefully considered design and fabric innovation — so you can perform at your best capability."

As for my review lucy sent me a pair of running tights (Get Snappy Leggings). I met a few of my running buddies last Sunday for 13.1 miles of pure joy. It was a balmy 23 degrees when we began. By mile 5 the sun was shining and I think temps broke 30 degrees.

Things I really liked...
* lightweight
* kept my legs warm (but not too warm)
* they stayed up!
* the cut around my waistline

I was a little worried that my "panty lines" were showing too much but it seemed ok and I felt very comfortable. So easy to move in!! I also appreciated that the waistline didn't cut into my "love handles" and instead smoothed them out and kept things in place. I can't wait to wear them again! THANK YOU lucy!

Be sure to go and check out some of the great deals and products that are sure to make you SHINE! I already put the "Can't Catch Me" jacket on my list. (just in case Santa is reading this)


Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

I have never tried Lucy products, but now I am going to hit up their store today in Arlington, VA after reading this!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that sounds great. My tights were not staying up so well this morning... thanks for the great review!

fancy nancy said...

It looks like your posing to say...hey look at my hiney! I need something to smooth out the love handles! I'll have to check these out. We've been blessed with warmer temps lately but I know they'll fall soon and I need to be prepared!

misszippy said...

You're showing your great ass, is what you're doing! Jealous!

I have a pair I am trying too. My problem is I'm trying to hold out on tights until the new year, but I just may have to break down in order to try these out!

Kerrie T. said...

If they make me look like you, I'm sold! Hot, Momma!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You look fabulous Harm! Lucy found their next model!

Molly said...

Great review!! : )

Elisa Seaba said...

Just found your blog through Tall Mom's fb post. Great blog, looking forward to following you!