Saturday, December 24, 2011

Virtual 10K Recap & a Winner

Kind of losing one of my snow balls!

Straight from to pool to "cool".

HOT mess...snow all melted!

So when I came across the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K I immediately went to sign up. Three cool gals have worked together to put on a great race with some fun prizes. Thanks, Stephanie, Robin and Ashley!! I am need of miles to hit my 1,000 for the year, so I knew if I committed this would help MAKE me RUN!

I have never "dressed up" for a race. I tend to stick to business and don't even own any festive running gear. But I was feeling inspired so my kiddos helped me create my Frosty the Snowgirl (i mean come on...I pretty much already rock the 'carrot" nose)outfit. My hair is wet in this picture as we had just got home from the pool and I was trying to save a shower (who does this?)so I decided to go straight from pool to the treadmill. Not sure if it is the best look. My girls insisted that I hold a broom for the pic! I decided quickly that my snow "balls" could be a bit dangerous on the mill so I ran in something a little safer.

I warmed up the first mile at 9:00 minute pace. Then hit the next 4 around an 8:30 and then just ran "fast" the last half be DONE. It was my longest run on my new "borrowed" treadmill I can say I was happy when it was over. In an attempt to get a pic I tried to slow down and get the camera at the same time, didn't work so well. Need to get a better strategy next step to the sides. duh?

Count it...6.2 miles. 51:20 DONE!

I will work on it and be better for my next virtual run!

WINNER: Jessica from Running to Be Skinny...shoot me an email. You WON the NUUN Goodie bag!! Thanks for everyone who entered and LIKED my new FB page...very cool!

Merry Christmas!


XLMIC said...

Awesome 10K, Harmony! And love your snowgirl costume!

merry christmas :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Although your snowballs would have been a great way to sweat yourself silly...if you were going for passing out. Glad you ditched them to run. I would have skipped the extra shower too.
Merry Christmas

Stephanie said...

OMG this is totally awesome!! I love it. Thanks so much for participating :)

Penny said...

Way to go Harmony. You almost got it. Great 10k girl. love your outfit. Have a Merry Christmas.

Jessica Washburn said...

Nice outfit and way to go on the run. :) Thanks so much for the giveaway!! What a great surprise. I will shoot you an email.

Kris said...

Awesome 10k!! Good Job Harmony!!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Your costume needs to win the costume contest!!