Monday, February 21, 2011


1. Do you get the feeling that treadmill running is for weenies?? Not sure why it is that when you run a isn't as REAL when you share your mileage. Am I imagining this? After my 12 yesterday I felt like a was being a weenie and 12 outside would have be way more legit (and dangerous). WHAT?

I just had to think of EMZ and knew that was crazy talk. I was running, at a slight incline, over an hour, and at a fast speed. I think I will count it! I don't think I know anyone brave enough to talk to smack to EMZ so I am rolling with her as my back up!

2. I am not feeling like blogging lately. It is like I have met my bloggy buddies and those are the peeps that seem to communicate and beyond that I am feeling done. I am invested and care about those bloggy friends so does that mean I blog forever just to stay connected??
I mean who reads this anyways?

3. I am so looking forward to the Bachelor tonight. It has been a LONG day with kiddos home. I love them all and we have had a full day but I am ready for the couch. We hit a movie and have had friends over for a play date and dinner. I still have grocery shopping on my list after I feed the crew and friends. So I'll just tell ya come 8:00 tonight I hope to be in sweats watching the bachelor (mindless t.v.)

4. Hubby wants to get me a NEW treadmill for my birthday but I am feeling guilty and thinking we should use that money in other ways. Not sure what to do? I know in the winter it would be awesome, but then I feel like I should dump the gym membership? Or maybe just keep on keeping on the OLD one!

Ran 5 of m 6 recovery miles (ran out of time) this morning on the ancient smoking treadmill at home. Boo! Tired but I do love my recovery runs! I look forward to them after a long run! 17 miles in two days! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Is this your hubby's way of supporting your endeavor in running? Do you think he may start using a new treadmill? Not sure any of these questions help, but I'm sure you'd look forward to using a new treadmill on those winter days you are forced to exercise inside!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

I read :)
I sortof know what you mean about the treadmill. It feels much easier than running outside, but I think the miles are miles, sister.

Erika said...

I know how you feel about blogging! I've met some pretty cool people but at the end of the day I want to sit on my butt and absorb mindless TV( excited tonight for the bachelor! I love Emily!)
I haven't been feeling any treadmill love...mad props for you running 12 on it! That's awesome!

SupermomE12 said...

I read. :)
And I am the opposite... I think that miles outside are SO much easier and ones on the treadmill should count as double. I recently did a post on this very topic :)

Enjoy the Bachelor and I say go for the new treadmill! :)

Kerrie T. said...

I know what you mean about blogging. My thirst to do it comes and goes. Whenever you feel like posting, we'll be here!

Caroline said...

I read.
but I think this blog thing has to be for you

Caroline said...

I also think running outside is WAY easier then on the machine

Kayla said...

I read :) just haven't been commenting on many blogs lately because I've been so busy. Treadmill miles are definitely miles. I personally find it much harder to run on a treadmill than outside but thats my personal feelings :)

Veronica said...

I read. I dont always comment, but I read!

Blogging - I have a love/dislike relationship with it too. I think you have to blog for YOU, and not for your readers. So if you dont feel like it, dont do it that day.

Treadmill running seems harder to me! I feel more accomplished after 4 miles on a 'mill than outside. Because I know how mindless and mundane the 'mill can be, and it shows I persevered! So good for you!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I am also looking forward to the Bachelor tonight. And I did 12 yesterday too. ;) I think you should totally own your 12 many great runners use the TM! I think that it is what you make your TM run. as long as you put it on an fact, I find that sometimes I can run faster because I can put it on the speed and then just hang on...if I slow down then I fall off. That's motivation. :)

Marlene said...

I get the same feeling with treadmill runs... they just don't count as the same for me, although I do remind myself of the fabulous Emz!

Hmm, maybe your t-mill runs would feel more legit on a fancy NEW treadmill!

Aimee said...

i read too. I just don't get to comment often because I run out of time or I am reading it on my phone, which makes it really difficult to comment. And I think running on a treadmill is waaay harder. Keep it up!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So funny I think Treadmill runs are SOOOO HARD because I have to stick to a set pace, dont get to look at new scenery and it is so hot, really really hard mentally for me... I was SUPER impressed with your miles.

***You know what I TOTALLY look forward to my recovery runs and seeing the total for the 2 days. I am glad you like it also..

Blogging is hard, I really have tried to use it as my own journal and to help others when I can. in my daily Big Girl job I dont get to be creative or feel like I am making a difference or positive impact. My Blog is my small way to use my creative brain and MAYBE just MAYBE make someone smile.

HUGS!! Enjoy the Bachelor, put the kids to be early. RELAX you have earned it Harm... FYI you can text, email or call whenever... Vent, talk whatever..

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I think you should let your husband get you a new treadmill. And you need to say "thank you" and show him you mean it:)

Karen said...

I read your blog! :0)
I also watched the Batchelor tonight! :0)

Amy said...

I read EVERY post just don't always comment because half the time I don't remember my password :) Even though we don't get to talk every day I can get a glimpse of what you've been up to so I do enjoy reading your blog very much! BUT if you don't enjoy doing it, then it's not something you should put your energy into.
I agree with the post that said treadmill miles should count as double. For the little running that I do, it is so much harder on the treadmill than outside. I get really dizzy on it. Get a new treadmill!!!!

Molly said...

It's key that you're running on a bit of an incline, so I still think you're getting it done.

sometimes I feel like my blogging time is coming to a close. but then I change my mind, I don't want to miss anything! : )

Nikki Kendall said...

I like your blog, thirsty thursdays aren't my cup of tea, but I'm sure not every post I do is yours! I think you should let him get you the treadmill. He is being a supportive hubby and you should let him!

Emz said...


Mill running is legit and don't let anyone tell you it's not.

As long as you have that incline on --- don't for a freaking second think you are taking the "easy" road.

April said...

I read!! I read!!
Sounds like you were having an off day yesterday.:(
Hope your day is going good!
Bachelor was soooo good last night!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You know I read. Sometimes with blogging it's like an unspoken etiquette tit-for-tat translates comment-for-comment with some. Blog b/c you WANT to; not b/c you feel obligated.

Yay R! Maybe he would use the new tread too if it didn't smoke??? You already have him running. What a cool thing for the kiddos to see!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Okay, this is seriously the coolest little package I've gotten yet! So fun! I loooooove it! Will post about it soon! And for sure a picture of your awesome blog sticker in my journal! It is sooo great! I almost want to put it on my car I love it so much. You did such a good job! I'm off to read Isaiah now! And my kids will love this Snap hand and minnie blower! Oh, and how did you know that I needed some more mascara?!! You rock my socks off! Thank you! A more formal blog thank you/tribute to come soon. xo

Jill said...

Go for the treadmill....we have the Landice L7 and have had it for a number of years. It's a great TM and totally worth the money! It will last a lifetime & will tolerate a man running on it. YES, the miles most definitely count on a treadmill silly girl! I think it's mentally more difficult to run on the TM. Good luck!

Jill said...

Go for the treadmill!!! Just don't sell yourself short on a less expensive one. We have had the Landice L7 for a number of years and it's awesome! And, yes, absolutely the TM miles count silly girl!