Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Treadmill tired

So yesterday I was suppose to run 7 miles. Unfortunately life trumps running so instead my day consisted of:
Working in sweet J's classroom
Lunch date with friends
Laundry/playing with J
Prepare for evening presentation
Taxi kids
Homework with kids
Turned out to be a great day...and it felt good to be flexible.

So this morning I woke up knowing I needed to get those miles in. Going to the gym was not an option so that left me with rubber mill at home. Man that think stinks! It drove me crazy because it is so broken. After 2.5 miles it said I had burned 700 calories. Hmm...I don't think so. So I ran for 70 minutes and called it good. Sorry for the unattractive picture...but if you look close I do have that post work out shine!! I promise I was smiling but my photographer was too quick!

Did you get your miles in today? Tomorrow is my first day of HILLS. I will either be running in the dark or on the mill. I am kind of scared! Tips? If I have to do it on the mill?? What should I do for incline??

On another note I am so excited for THIRSTY THURSDAY. I have been in the word...thinking and praying. Can't wait to share and get your feedback.
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Stacie said...

Jason and I both got our treadmill runs in today.

Looking forward to Thursday :)

Twila said...

Liked your post about making your goal. I am a 10 minute mile girl and working on being faster. I can run sub 9 and sub 8 on the treadmill but outside I struggle.

Nikki Kendall said...

You just looked like you worked hard!! nice job!

Tomorrow is my first hills training too! Good luck with yours!

misszippy said...

Too funny about the readouts from the treadmill! I'd guess it's a bit off, yes!

Molly said...

I had a 6 miler planned, but my mother called and said she was driving up for a visit! So I'm cleaning like a madwoman instead.

Emz said...

the mill!!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Good work getting it in. Have never done hills on a treadmill?? Hope someone has ideas for you..

April said...

Great run!
Ha! My treadmill is off too! The other day it said I ran 4 miles in 17mins...in my dreams!
I can't wait for Thirsty Thursday!

I tagged you in my post today-check it out!