Saturday, May 22, 2010 first bloggy award. Thanks so much Kerri at Mom Vs. Marathon. I was actually going to Kerri's blog to cry, whine and chat about my fear of not being able to run tomorrow and was pleasantlt surprised to see my name on her list. THANKS friend!

So now I get to post 7 fun/random things about myself.
1. I love to dance. Not ballet or anything but just plain bust a move. I am one of those people who in college never needed any alcohol courage....I just like to dance.

2. Growing in up we always did "shows" for my family. We videotaped commercials, skits, lip syncs and more. My Granny collected an entire ceiling high chest full of VHS tapes from over many years. What can I say we thought we were movie stars. I am not shy!

3. I have been to Disney World many many times...12 or 13 times as a child. 3 times as an adult.

4. I played basketball in Seattle at a community college back in the day. Good times.

5. I am very picky. I really do need to have meat with almost everything. Bite of meat is how I got my veggies down as a child I am getting better and proud to say I do love asparagus and brocolli and can eat them solo...if I have too.

6. Got passports today for a trip to Canada this summer. Good times!

7. I am getting my hair cut and colored this week. It has been a it is time and hoping for a new "look". I say that everytime so we shall see.

OK now I get to tag a few of my fellow bloggy's that have made this running journey so much fun.
1. Stacey at Impossible Is Nothing
2.Jamie at Running Diva Mom
3. Momma Twitch at Run Momma

4. MissZippy
5. Amanda at Five Miles to Empty
6. Anne at Asthma and the Gift of Running
7. Jen at Setting You Free
8. Lindsey at Healthy Stride
Again this is just FEW of my fellow bloggers that inspire and encourage me daily!


Kerrie T. said...

Uh oh. Was it not Vision 1?

Do you have a pool you can go to? Amanda has mentioned pool running before to me. I bet that would be good for you. Or just swimming to get your heart rate up and keep your endurance.

I had a little twinge in my right leg today, so I'm not completely out of the woods. I iced front and back and did loooots of stretching.

You might go see a PT if you can.

misszippy said...

Wow--Disney must love you! And you must have nice hair to begin with to go that long between cuts/color!

Thanks for the tag--I actually did mine the other day--go check it out!

Stacie said...

Thanks for the tag :) I'm working on it now.