Saturday, March 20, 2010


I just had to share my day quickly before I get to bed. I am looking forward to meeting my running buddy early in the morning for seven miles. It has been such a blessing and so nice to have someone to run with. Tomorrow will be a BONUS as another friend will be joining us! Should be fun!

Today was a great day. I walked on the treadmill early trying to battle my sore body.
I am still sore from Thursday and didn't quite feel up to a run. The walk helped my legs but my abs and triceps are still super tight feeling. Hoping rest will help! Hubby was on a tractor all day so I had a full day with my three blessings. For some reason today the WORK of having three kids...was completely absent. I had so much fun just watching them play. It may have been I was looking through a window so silence was sweet. I saw flying pine cones, ropes, shovels, and dirt, dirt, dirt.
But what I really loved watching was the smiles, laughing and running. On one of their pit stops in the house, my Sweet J asked me to tie her shoes. As I bent down I just felt so happy as I looked at her little freckles and sweet face. She smelled like a mix of dirt and dog and her hair was in a crazy state of what I think was suppose to be a pony. I just couldn't resist so I said, "I love you so much". She replied with a smile and said "I know" followed by a big kiss on my cheek.

This just topped my day! This is what I work for everyday...I want my kids to KNOW I love them. This can look many ways but to know that she gets very cool. She responded with such confidence. It was like with LOVE she could do anything. It made me think about how much strength and comfort I get from God. I just don't always acknowledge him or thank him. So later in the day I took the kids out to see their Dad and ride in the tractor. This left me and Minnie (our puppy) to lay in the grass for an hour. So I took some of this time to nap, smile, and say "I know" as I chatted with God.

OK so I know this is my "running blog" but I had to share. Feeling motivated and refreshed. Crossing my fingers to remember to take pics tomorrow after our 7 miles.


Momma Twitch said...

Sounds like you are one blessed woman. :) Good luck on your 7 miler!

AngMomof3 said...

I'm glad you shared! I don't think your blog has to be one dimensional... bring in your spiritual dimension more often! :)

I too had a lovely day w/ 3 blessings while Dad was on the farm all day. Made me look forward to Spring Break.