Sunday, March 21, 2010

7 mile run



AngMomof3 said...

Oi! Bloody blisters! Ow ow ow! I guess the warmer weather will allow for flip flops while those heal!

Good to see L out w/ you! Glad you have running buddies (I'll always be your cheerleader!).

Jaime said...

ouch! my feet hurt just looking at your pictures.

April said...

OWWWW! Bless her heart!! I think I would be in flip flops for a while with blisters like that!
Great time on your run speedy!
Love the new shoes! I've been in the market for some new ones too...can't wait to hear how they feel on your runs!

Kerrie T. said...

Okay, love the Cougar shirt. Don't love the blisters. Ouch! Did you get new socks, too?

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog. Looking forward to swapping running tales!

Wendy said...