Monday, February 8, 2010

Who needs plans??

Well, I posted some birthday day pics of my wonderful girls as they both just celebrated their birthday. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. Lovely
L's b-day went well with 9 bouncing girls who came over for an "almost sleep over". We painted nails, wore jammies and put curlers in our hair. Good Times!! Girls went home and then everyone went to bed....and then it BEGAN. J woke up puking, then me, then L!! To make matter worse my in laws were here as well to celebrate birthdays. After puking all night Friday we had to cancel J's b-day party scheduled for Sat. My poor baby!!

So needless to fitness plans did not HAPPEN. So after three days off and curled up in a ball I went to the gym this morning. I ran 4 miles at 9:13 pace and felt OK. I am hoping I can run 4 more times this week, but it may be a challenge with my hubby's work schedule. I am going to have to make myself do stuff at home which is really hard for me.

Well I guess this weekend was a good example of how PLANS CHANGE!! It was frustrating and inconvienent but it made me think about not PUTTING off today what I plan to do tomorrow. So go out RUN, WALK, call a friend, write a letter, help someone, celebrate life...because even the best made plans can change.

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