Friday, February 12, 2010

Together Again...

Friday has arrived and my hubby has returned home from a week away....ahhh I am so happy to be together again. It was full of advenures better known as stress.

* Began week doing laundry and washing bedding from 5 beds. This made me behind on daily life laundry.

* Ruby (our 11 year old lab) went down hill fast. Fur falling out, found blood on the floor and her eye ball looked like it was going to fall out. PANIC vet. Take her to the find out I am at the WRONG vet....long story. They see her and we leave with prescriptions, many questions, a skin infection and urinary tract infection.

*Coached My One and Only's B-ball team twice this week...and finally BOYS were being BOYS, honeymoon over. Sweet J tripped and hit her mouth while I was coaching ....ugh.

*Did the Consultant gig three times this week...and my brain is on time to process.

*Survived prepping and celebrating Valentine's Day with 22 preschoolers.
*Made 70+ Valentines with my 3 little blessings. This takes some TIME. Made 24 cupcakes, bought frosting, candy and sprinkles for class party for my big kids.

I was able to run 3 times this week for a whopping 11 miles. Hubby took the day off today and has been super Dad. I was able to go get a full workout in and felt great!

I am looking forward to a long run tomorrow...hopefully outside if isn't raining. I am really really really behind on my 1000 mile goal. The crazy thing is I have been running every week....but just not enough. I am going to keep working on adding on miles. So obviously I am happy my teammate is back home. My Valentine and right hand man. It just seems like the small bumps in life are a little bit easier when my hubby is by my side. Hope everyone has a GREAT Valentines!

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Rookie on the Run said...

I'm so glad your hubby is home! It's tough doing it alone! It sounds like you got the important stuff taken care of, though (in other words, your kiddos).

Enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend with your sweetheart!