Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month One

Well here I am on my last run for the month of January. It was hoping for a long run, but 5 was all I had time to squeeze in. Not sure how you are suppose to pose for pictures for your blog?? Serious? Front poze? Smile? You may notice that I still have some running attire that I need to acquire. I am wearing two cotton shirts (not good) and my ankles were freezing. So here it is....I ran 45 miles in month one of my challenge to run 1000 miles in 2010. At first I was happy and excited and it seemed huge. I knew in my mind I was a little behind but in reality I am REALLY behind. I needed to run around 80 I will definitely need to be doing some make up miles in the coming months. Trying to not get discouraged.

The good part is that I stuck with it and worked out consistently and ran as often as time and body would allow. Still wish I had a running buddy! Despite running solo I am looking forward to February and hoping to make the most of the short month. I have been thinking, thinking, thinking about the idea of running a marathon. Yes I said it the M word. Might as well get it outr there. I feel like I am on a roll, committed to working out and running, and know that if I keep this up until June for my half I should be in good shape. So part of me wants to push on and keep building miles.....I hate having to start over. So I have been hunting...want it to be inspiring and just right for me, as it may be my one and only???

So if you have any marathon advice or suggestions I would love to hear it. IO want to do in 2010. Also do you think it would be poosible to be ready for a marathon in 12 weeks...starting NOW??? There is one in May that looks good, but short timeline??? Need a training plan ASAP??

It is a tough call. I have been trying to think about the "things" I put my time and energy into and why and what purpose does it have in God's plan and furthering his kingdom?? Not sure how running fits in...I just don't want to bit off more than I can chew.....and I definitelty don't want to underestimate myself ...or God??

What is "what if" that you are scared to commit to and why??

Bye Jan and Hello Feb!


Shelden Family 4 said...

I think you're awesome! It's still too early for me to be your running partner, but today is the start of my new journey, and I wouldn't have started without you! Love ya!

Sarah said...

Good job on the miles this month. You beat me. :) I ran very inconsistently in January...hoping to change that in Feb. Good luck with the marathon decision!