Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help Haiti

Go check out Aaron Hale's new song. No set price....give what you want.
All proceeds from the sales of this song will go to benefit REAL HOPE FOR HAITI, a rescue center that is intentional in its efforts to improve the quality of life for malnourished children in Haiti, especially in the current crisis.*

We are very lucky to live where we live and have what we have. I hope this song reminds you to pray for God to open doors and show you ways to give to those in need...

Pay what you want and know that whatever you give is helping change the lives of desperate children in the midst of the aftermath from the recent tragedy in Haiti.

*Please visit for more information about the organization.

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Tricia said...

hey-you don't have to do that step (twitter), its just and extra way to enter. Being a follower of my blog (and letting me know) as well as leaving a comment letting me know which skirt you'd want are each ways to enter. :)