Sunday, January 10, 2010

God is good

Happy Sunday. Today is a good day. Enjoyed my morning of worship and it just reminded of how loved I am. God is faithful and it doesn't matter at all if I run a 12 or 8 minute mile to Him...and I love that. I guess I am just wired for a challenge and running is definitelt a challenge! I took yesterday off but did go on a short fast run today. Yes I said...FAST. Well fast for me. I ran 2 miles in 18:35 so around a 9:20 mile. Yipee!! I have no idea how to transfer that time to more miles but it was fun. I was pooped at the end but left with a sense of thankfulness that I can run and so many other things as well. I can touch lives and connect with others and CARE. I try not think about the things that I am not so good cooking, UGH!
So hoping today is filled with rest and that you feel refreshed.

P.S. Hubby update...Dr. friend looked at his knee and looks like he tore his miniscus. So rest for two weeks and then they will look again. Hoping that it heals on it's own.

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