Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nike San Fran Wrap Up

Guess I need to wrap this up. San Fran already seems so long ago but it will be a treasured memory.
Thankful for my brave friend Amy, my "assistant" who decided to go for 13.1 hilly miles far from home. This takes courage and willingness to TRY. Getting up early, sleeping with me, running for more than two hours...all for that little piece of bling. (makes perfect sense to me)
Here is the start. Beautiful and Inspiring!
I started the run with Kim (my nunn Mom) and Zoe. We tried to look for Amy a bit but I knew she wanted to run this "battle" alone. I began to take pics around mile 3 so I parted ways with my nuun crew and hoped I would see them again.
Here is hill one. So hard to do it justice and take a snap shot without getting run over. It was nice seeing the city slowly light up.
 Of course had to stop for a pic of this historic landmark. Reminded my of my kids and hubby and how much fun we had in this very spot just being together. Holding on to moments that we weren't sure if we would ever get to experience again.
This hill was a big one. Notice another gal trying to capture the same thing. Pictures again don't quite do it justice. I was bummed about so much fog but felt good up this hill.
 Once up the hill that took a long, long, long time to finally end I saw this. I snapped a picture and sent it to Amy. My hubby was tracking us both and I knew she still had to get up that hill. She is motivated by shiny things, jewelry and shopping. :)
 Snapped this shot. Always have mixed emotions when I turn off to go 13.1 or continue onto 26.2.
 The finish was sweet! I walked a lot in this race. Took pics. Went to the bathroom and tried to keep tabs on my "assistant". I was all smiles when I crossed the line and the announcer said looks like another Washington State Cougar finishing strong. I finished in 2:05 and feel confident I could go sub 2 but this felt pretty much perfect for that day!
After the finish you get in a long line to get your precious blue box. You could then take photos
before getting in another line to get your finishers shirt. I was happy I could wait for my assistant here. Only tough part was being wet and cold. Lots of shivering and texting waiting for that magical text that she had finished. One thing I loved about this race was running holding my phone. It was so much fun to get a call and talk while I was running. Miles would fly by and I wouldn't even really feel them. Kind of wish I would have worn a tank and probably would have been safe to leave the shades at home. :)
She did it!!! I was just happy to be able to give her a cold, sweaty, stinky hug at the end. We quickly took a snap shot or two and made our way to some type of coat. (this picture cracks me up)
We were so fortunate to have our bags waiting for us at the nuun tent. We grabbed our coats and socks and began to walk around. As you can see the fog was still there!

Amy got in line for a massage and I was pumped to be able to see and hear Kara Goucher speak briefly! She ran the half! So technically I can say I ran a race with Kara Goucher. Right?

 Then this magic happen. My nuun Mom and her side kick Zoe gave us NIKE VIP bracelets. Again so stinking sweet and thoughtful!  This was the golden ticket to get into private bathrooms, free food and warmth!! It was soooo nice. We totally did not fit in but loved every minute of it and stuffed our face! (Also huge props to Kim and Zoe who ran 13.1 miles and then went straight to work...hardcore)

  Finishing the Nike Women's Half Marathon was quite the experience. I am beyond proud of my assistant and excited to see where her feet will land next!!

 Huge thanks to Kim who has a way of making me cry and feel loved and safe and every time I am around her. She is one strong, genuine and inspiring woman!!

Cheers to today! Looking back at this moment I am grateful. Grateful that I was given this opportunity. Grateful to share it with good friends. Grateful that I have working legs, lungs that can breathe and a beating heart. I do not take this for granted. We are not promised tomorrow so make the best of today! Keep On Keeping On!


Ryan said...

I love you and glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic race - congrats!! And btw, the guys handing out the necklace are not too shabby either LOL

Ryan said...

You need to get blogging again. How do I know what you are up to if you don't keep me updated. :) I love you!