Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lose It

Quick wrap up of week one of Marathon training. Temps have been in teens and low 20's so all of my miles were on the mill. (incline 1)

Monday. Easy 3 mi.

Tuesday. REST/Trainer ride

Wednesday. 5 mi. (2 @ pace)

Thursday. SPIN

Friday. 6 mi.

Saturday REST

Sunday 8 mi.

TOTAL: 22 miles

My paces were slower than I would have liked but I am pretending that being in my warm cozy house is like running in 70 degree weather so that is why I am slow and sweating like a pig right? Thank goodness for yurbuds!! For reals!

I also started using the app LOSEIT this week. It is a low key FREE app that has helped me learn more about what I am eating without out going crazy. I am not looking for added stress. I was excited to see what I could do by increasing my activity and watching what I eat. I have been having fun doing my January Challenges from Run with Jess. She is like the energizer bunny. I don't know how she does it. I really stink at wall sits but I am working on it.

Unfortunatley, Monday I weighed in and lost a whopping .6 lbs. I was discouraged and felt old. My hubby had chemo on Monday and I was in pity party mode so I may have had a small "episode" of anger eating, but got it back in check quickly.

Definitely having to be flexible and will keep taking it one day at a time. I am starting week two and not sure how I will make it all happen. Grad school is in full swing and I am also coaching my son's AAU team...so tourney this weekend.

I have had several "movie moments" this week. I find myself just watching my children and husband. I am looking closely at their faces. I am listening to their voices. I can almost hear music in my head as I watch the moments unfold. It is beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time. Our youngest, Sweet J is having a very difficult time with my hubby's treatments and just broke into tears at dinner last night.

Lots of snuggling and slowing down to make time to sing, read and play together. Today I have found myself in a funk. I had to go get my hubby's prescriptions filled and as always I started crying. Poor, poor pharmacist. As soon as they see the drugs I can see their face sink and the sad eyes come out. It is then always a crossroad of share our journey or just grab the bag and go. Neither option usually turn out so well.

Those tears have led me to a night on the couch with a blanket. Praying for a good night sleep and hoping to wake up feeling God's peace and of course DOMINATING my hill workout.

Until next time...Keep On Keeping On!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about pace, what matters is that you get your miles in. I'm amazed how you handle it all! You take care of your kids and husband and on top of that go to school and train for a marathon! Many people "only" train for a marathon and quit. You are a hero for doing it all!!

fancy nancy said...

Loving the Lose It app too! I am nervous when I see my initial allotment of calories but love it when I see my movement increasing them.

I always feel like I'm slower on the treadmill...like I'm working way faster than it says! Hang in there...the sun will come out soon (in more ways than one)! I admire your strength! I can't even imagine how hard it is each day but I am praying and I know He will fill your cup this morning...overflowing!!

Devon @ CrossTraining said...

Your faith is amazing. I don't have even 1/10 of the things on my plate that you have, and I feel like I break down daily just with regular life with kids. You inspire me, Harmony. Thank you for being an amazing example of trusting the Lord in every situation and not letting your circumstances get the best of you, but also for being REAL and showing your humanity in all of this. Prayers for you.

misszippy said...

I think you are doing an amazing job of managing all the many things on your plate right now. Your family is lucky to have such a loving and supportive wife and mama.

As to the running--you do what you can do right now. Every run is a victory b/c it gives you a bit of therapy, imho.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. Just like the title of your blog - Keep on Keeping On - in the midst of your crazy life right now that is what you are doing. You are a great example to me in my running and with my walk with God. Thank you.

Prayers continue your way!!

megan.vining said...

Keep on Keeping on.....sometimes we have days that are not day the days we had hoped for back when thinking of our lives when we grow up but it is our life. You continue to inspire me daily on your strength, beilief, trust in Him and in all things. Each day is a new day with new joys, struggles, warm "movie" moments and tears. Thank you for showing us your courageous spirit!

Marnee A said...

persevere seems to be what I think of the most when I think of you. You have persevered through more then most ever will and you continue to do such which is inspiring Harm.

Always in our prayers

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

It has been frigid outside. My TM is in our sunroom which is just as cold as outside so I have been running in sweats. Really ready for spring! I love my yurbuds too, but my TM has a plug in for my phone + speakers so I don't have to use my yurbuds.

I have no doubt that you totally dominated your hill workout! Hills are for heroes and you are definitely a huge hero. In more ways than I can even count.

Love and hugs to you and your sweet family. XXXXXX

Canuck Mom said...

You are an amazing lady. Your faith is incredible and inspiring. I bet you took you hill work-out on like the tough woman you are.

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

Jus keep on keepin' on, huh? Life movies are a very movies experience. I am so glad to know someone else who has those moments. I love how you described the. Stay strong, take on the hills with faith - the hills that are physically there and the hills that represent other parts of your life.