Friday, March 16, 2012

One Day Closer.

(Post Work Out)
Today I had a meeting early for work and then had some school work. When I left my meeting the gal at the front desk said,"Have a great weekend". It made me slow down for a moment as I totally thought it was THURSDAY. I thought wow, aren't you ahead of the game!

Yep! I have no idea how I made my meeting as I was sure it was Thursday? How did I do that? I think my brain is tired! Then it all came to me...that meant Sweet J did not return her homework and I have even less time to get my readings done. UGH!

I laughed it off and decided to head home and try to ride on the trainer and follow it with a run. I rode for 30 minutes. My legs felt tired but I have been on the bike a lot(for me)due to not having any real plan. (PLAN coming soon:)

After the ride I went and jumped on the mill. I made it two miles. I was POOPED! I was a little dissapointed that I didn't run more but I have to remember this is a place to start and that was a solid 50 min. of cardio. I then decided to attempt a challenge that my buddy Blonde Ponytail had suggested.

100 burpees with pushups in 10 minutes

My legs were shaky but I thought I would give it a shot. I already knew that I would modify and take out the push ups.

So I went for it and did 100 burpess in 6 minutes, 7 seconds. My upper body is weak and my lower body is carrying my extra pounds :) BUT I did it!

So today I am one step closer to where I want to be and have to say I am really enjoying the trainer.

On a side note and speaking of variety! I have a friend who is SUPER creative and snazzy. Snazzy, like straight out of a magazine snazzy! She just started a BLOG called Lady Makes and Bakes! Go check it out if you want to add some variety to your blog roll and spice up your life.


Meredith said...

Big, huge, goofy grin on my face for you!

XLMIC said...

I love your smile and the reason for it :)

Nicole said...

So excited for you! Way to go on the 100 burpees!! I need to give that a try, I'll be taking out the push ups too!!

Kris said...

Great workout Harmony!! Sounds tough but you pushed through it all. You are STRONG!!

Lisa said...

Great job on the workout! I'm a burpee whimp, myself. I really need to add them into my workout.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Jan said...

I don't even know what a burpee is, is that bad? Good job getting back into shape!

Nicole Wagner said...

holy crap! you did 100 burpees in 6min??? you are INSANE! I could not do that....but maybe I'll try now...inspired!