Friday, December 30, 2011

Ready, Set...not sure??

So my mind has been whirling with possible races. To run a marathon or to not? To sign up for a race when life feels so uncertain? I know the dissapointment I felt when I had to miss the Girlfriends Half in October due to my husbands unexpected diagnosis.

So I need your help. I am drawn to Eugene for some reason....but it would be a heck of a trek (possibly solo) I was so close last year to doing this race and decided to do Windermere instead. This would also mean solo training (winter...BRRRR)even though I think I could convince a few friends to join me on a long run or two.
Speaking of winter runs, I am still on the hunt for a running jacket. Suggestions?

Any other recommended marathons not too far away?? I want to do a half or two as well. Of course Seattle Rock N Roll is on my list. It seems every year I run that race injured so I would like to give it a shot injury free.

And then there is the Girlfriends Half in Vancouver in October.

Prices go up on the 1st so I have more time to ponder...let me know your thoughts.


Michelle said...

hi! Thinking about you!!! (praying tons too!) Did you move your Girlfriends entry? I wasnt able to run either and they allowed me credit for next years. Are you thinking Eugene in May or womens in August? I am soooo in love with the Women's course (its of course hte only one I have done so far ha!) but it was FABULOUS! I definitely recommend it! WIshing you the best and since we are so close hope to meet you someday!! Much love and hugs Michelle

Nicole Wagner Makeup said...

I say train for Euegene! and a jacket...YES...look at the Nike one I posted on my blog a while has the built in face mask. amazing! you would LOVE it! xx and I want to do the girlfriends half next year too....does it sell out? do I need to register NOW? xx

XLMIC said...

Eugene...cuz I'll be there :)

Michelle said...

Love, love, LOVE Eugene! :) Great course, great people. tons of fun! Go for it. I don't think you can "wait" to see what happens. Make plans! Live each day to the fullest. I always love the RnR in Seattle. I might just have to look at the Girlfriends one in Vancouver. That isn't too far of a drive for us.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what else would be in your area, but if you think you can get the training in, I'd say def go for it! It will give you a personal goal to look forward to while processing all the family events going on, and the satisfaction of reaching it. Good luck deciding!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I am thinking about signing up for Eugene too! I heard that its a great race. I am going to wait and see how Houston goes in a couple of weeks first and then I might sign up.