Saturday, October 1, 2011

Foot Pain

So again I am feeling like I am trying to play catch up! I went to Seattle for a 3 day training on Childhood obesity and the connection of MOVEMENT and BRAIN development in young children. It was sooooo good!! So many cool things!

It is not just moving but moving using both sides of the brain! LOVE IT!

Anyhoo thought I would give ya quick RUNNING update!
(it's very short)

last Sunday 10.5 with a new running friend
Mon. REST (foot killing me)

Tues. 6 miles (4 @ 8:13ish pace)

. TRAVEl (Foot killing me)

Thurs. Got up early before conference and squeezed in 3.5 mi. on mill'(total swass and swagina going on....maybe even a little swoob)

Fri. REST (travel)

Sat. REST (kids soccer games)

. PLAN to run 13 (not sure what this will look like)

I am stressing a bit! I only have two weeks until girlfriends half and my heel is slowing me down. I have been stretching more and icing and don't even want to go to doc. Hoping I can just ride this out and not loose too much fitness or mileage.

Plan to see how tomorrow goes and go from there??

I have pain in the morning after resting all night and then it eventually goes away.
I made the mistake of watching some you tube stuff and now I am scared I have a bone spur from planter fascistis...pretty sure that is not what it is called and I spelled it wrong, but I know you runners know what I am talking about. YIKES!

I need you help! Any thoughts? Tips? Personal experiences to help me get through this?
Hate when my body doesn't cooperate with my mind and heart!

Also....on a dreamer note I am considering registering for Eugene Marathon in the spring but feeling a little SOLO on the training part. Is this the year? Thoughts?

Also on another note, check out Amanda at Runninghood's blog and VOTE for my art "sculture" So funny and definitely on the mommy/beginner/not crafty level, but Amanda inspires me!


Amy said...

Sorry to hear about the pain in your foot! Want to hear all about your conference, Justin said it was some pretty interesting stuff.

XLMIC said...

Awwwww... I hope your foot is feeling well soon... such a freakin' drag :( Ice rolling, maybe?

Amanda@runninghood said...

you inspire me too! About your foot...if it is plantar F, you need to be using a golf ball to roll on, possible tape much you can do. Waylon had this going on during his training. But heel spur...this I don't know about. Eugene marathon...lots of people will be training for spring is only a week after Boston so Waylon will be training for it. And I think if you register today, you get a discount...prices go up tomorrow! I think. You would have lots of training energy in the blogosphere! More than summer I think. Thinking of you! Your class sounds really cool!

April said...

Hope the foot starts feeling better soon!
I think you should go for Eugene! I'm doing most of my training right now solo and I was really dreading it at first...but its kind of been an empowering experience!

Kathy said...

"Hate when my body doesn't cooperate with my mind and heart!"
I love this line...I can so relate to how you're feeling!

sorry to hear about your foot - I am having the same issue. It sounds like PF - especially because of the pain you are having right when you wake up that goes away once you start moving.

It's such a drag. Email me if you want to know more about what has worked/not worked for me...

good luck!

P.s. I'm thinking of Eugene too!

Michelle said...

LOVED Eugene! It's in my top 3 fav marathons! Do it! :)
Easy on the heel....seriously.

Running Librarian said...

sounds like Plantar Fascitis..I had it last year and I have another case of it right now. When I went to the dr. he gave me some exercises to do..wall push, heel drops on the step. Use a towel in the morning and place it behind your toes/forefoot and gently stretch by pulling the towel towards you. My Dr. told me double the time you had had PF and that is how long it usually takes to heal. He did give me some cortisone shots which helped along with some ultrasound to break up some of the scar tissue. Just keep stretching and you will have a great run..after your race I would head over to a pediotrist though :)

Healthy Diva said...

It does sound like you might have PF. I had it a couple of years ago and it was really painful. It took about a month of not running for it get better.

I heard that Eugene is a great race. I have thought about signing up, but I think I will wait another year. :-)

Meredith said...

Um. You already know how I feel about Eugene :) COME!!! It will be so much fun!!

Kris said...

I will be praying for you and your foot. Exercises will help, my friend had the same thing and she healed from it. As for the marathon I think it's an awesome idea. Solo running is some of my best time with God just praying or praising with praise and worship music from my IPod.

Nicole Wagner Makeup said... DOES sound like plantar F. Steve says golf ball, STRETCHING your calf! he even said you can get this special sock to wear at night that keeps your foot pointing up as to stretch your calf while me if you want to talk to him...

Marlene said...

That sounds like a great conference - interesting and IMPORTANT topic!

nice running - I hope your foot is okay!!

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