Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hood to Coast

So after many miles in a the Nuun Platuun van we finally arrived at our meeting place. I believe it was in a town called Sandy...AKA Safeway parking lot. This is where all VAN 2's would meet their runners from VAN 1 and run the next 6 legs. Susan (above) refills her NUUN bottle as we "worked it" in the parking lot sharing the NUUN love and passing out samples and tatoos. NUUN was well recieved and needed on this HOT August day. We had so much fun meeting crazy teams, super NUUN fans, and even some people who knew who we were and had been following our journey!

Nuun took care of us. Keeping us hydrated with a van full of NUUN and H2O. If you haven't tried NUUN now is the time. Check out my link to the right and save! I LOVE the pink lemonade!!

The Safeway experience was so much fun! Here is one of my fav teams, Bowels of Fire. Yes, we all touched the BUM and even left it with a NUUN tatoo to display proudly for the rest of the race!

Here is a rare photo op where we were able to see some of our VAN 1 teammates. We couldn't stay long because we had just sent our 6th runner Jess off and neeeded to catch up to cheer and support her along.

Fast forward and hours later if was finally time for my first leg, 5.04 miles (leg 10). It was pretty flat but was on an isolated trail so I would be solo and without team support. I was OK with this but totally not prepared for my leg. You have all that TIME and then all of sudden it is your turn to GO. I was indecisive on carrying water. Our amazing van driver and Coach ran back and got me a water bottle to run with. I took one swig and got in the shute and then changed my mind last minute. So a quick toss of the water bottle and tag from SPEEDY Susan and I was off. Bye Bye team....!

I ran about a mile and then thought I saw a sweet little blonde on the side of the trail smiling at me. I did not have my glasses on (I will find out later how much I really needed them) so I couldn't totally tell who it was but I was sure the SMILE was for me. I got closer and it was my buddy Nicole. You know the super speedy...3:3o's marathoner!~ She is so sweet and inspiring!! My fastest 5 miles ever! 40:37!

She was going to run with another gal from Afternuun Delight but the speed was bit much since she is coming back from an injury. Soooo she waited for me. Now I know you are assuming I am slow and I am in comparison, BUT once I met her...we went fast. Welll fast in my book, fast for holding it for 5 miles, fast for I haven't been training and pretty sure I have a few extra pounds I am packing with me. As we ran it became dark and she kept pushing me, "relax your shoulders", "lift your knees". I think I was trying to crumple into a ball by mile 4 and pretty sure I was breathing and groaning like I was birthing a baby.

Luckily she didn't care. Once we got close to the shoot it was dark and I was soooo tired. I began to panic because I could not see T, our next runner. We got closer and I yelled out I can't see her. T was there, ready and waiting. She responded, "I'm right here" So I ran towards the blurry dark shadow person and handed off. I must apologize because I may have said S*** a few times (OK about 5 times) I was deleriously what can I say and did not want to mess up my first hand off.
Here I am with of the coolest women I have ever met. She left her mark on me as well as my other VAN 2 teammates! She is an a NUUN staff super star, amazing athlete, and overall strong woman!

All went well and I was able to compose myself, stop swearing, and take a quick snap shot before we were off to catch T. Running with bloggers, bloggers coming out to support, run and cheer us on!

Could it get it better......I am guessing you already know the answer to that.


Kerrie T. said...

That is FAST! Woohoo!

Nicole Wagner said...

I loved reading this and reliving that leg. It was such a blessing to ME to run with you. YOU inspired ME Harm! you ran SO fast! I knew you were pushing your limits and it was beautiful to see! you should try doing that every week or 2.....even for just afew miles. push have so much more speed in there and I know you will continue to just get better and better. I love you so much and am so glad that you were running that leg! it was teh best news ever when Melody told me you'd be coming around the corner in a few minutes:) definitely goes down as one of my most favorite runs ever! xxx

Kris said...

Great job on your first leg!! 8 minute miles, You ROCK!!

Marlene said...

Way to smoke it!!! Darkkness on a trail would freak me out for sure - glad you managed to rally up some company! I am just blown away by this whole adventure...

XLMIC said...

You. Are. Awesome.

I had no idea you ran that first leg so freakin fast! Way to GO! It was such a pleasure being your vanmate :)

Lisa said...

Very speedy! I can't wait to read more. I absolutely love experience our entire team's experience through these race recaps. How lucky are we? Most teams aren't comprised of all bloggers and don't get to know what the other vans go through etc.

youniquemom said...

I always love reading about your journey! You continually amaze me!

Tricia said...

super fast!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You should be SUPER proud of your runs all relay H! You ARE fast!! So glad Nicole could be there with you!!!

Wanna do this again?