Monday, July 4, 2011

How He Loves - John Mark McMillan

Time seems to evade me so here is the SHORT story of Rock N Roll Seattle Half...and more important stuff.

See bloggy friends, post party lunch
slumber party with Tall Mom
walk/run the half

Got in huge fight with mom (made me sad)
Missed the slumber party (huge disspointment)
Returned home promptly after race to "repair" things with mom.
RAN the half, 1:57:11, P.R.
Totally missed meeting the great EMZ!

When I returned from my trip I was feeling in a funk but knew I should be elated. Ran a great half with zero training and made the Hood to Coast team in the same week. I am HAPPY about that but torn on many levels about some Mommy details. (long story) I was sharing with a friend some of my concerns and she POINTED me to scripture and this great song! Thank became clear I was just missing the mark and needed to spend some time with God.

WoW! Thank you God for friends and man on man have I been THIRTSY! Anyone been wondering whatever happend to "Thirsty Thursday"? 2 weeks traveling missing church and I could feel it. My thoughts have been other places. So this weekend I was able to take a BIG GULP and feel refreshed. So much to do and share...all for God's glory. I have been thinking about how God places people in our lives and how we have opportunities to influence and CARE for others.

Meredith is one of those people. When I came across her blogm (Therapeutic Runnings of a Mom) several months ago I was drawn to a post about her brother and how he was fighting cancer. Since then I have been praying for her brother and thankful to have met this friend.

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Things change, words are exchanged, hurts happen, sometimes we don't understand the PLAN. As runners I feel like we are always making a PLAN.

Sometimes when we succeed there are other things that overshadow what you thought would make you happy. This all made me think about how important it is that we strengthen our CORE.

No not those tummy muscles (that we obsess about) but your CORE. The core of you! Being in relationship with Christ, being transparent with others, loving and serving others, following God....that is my CORE. Sometimes my core gets FLABBY and hard to distinguish.

I am HAPPY to be working on my CORE and that I have friends that bring me back to the "GYM" to continue this journey.

What are some of your CORE excercises?


Meredith said...

Funny to say this, but, I love you! Cannot wait to meet you in person!

Julie said...

I LOVE THIS SONG!! I actually had a different version up on my blog last month. It was a song that was very important to my cousin, Michael, in his last days.

What an amazing God we have.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the half!!! Sorry about the other issues, but sounds like you are working things out.

SupermomE12 said...

I am so sorry that things were so hard with your mom...emotional challenges like that are so tough and draining. You did a great job in your race though and I am so glad you have good friends to lift you up and help you feel better. What a great song. Hugs and blessings!

Julie D. said...

geez, harmony. This is good stuff. You are such a good friend. I know Meredith appreciates all the thoughts and prayers. I love what you were saying about our core being flabby and hard to distinguish. A LOT of core work to be done here. Our God is so good and oh, how he does love us in trial and in triumph. So sorry about your mom. Been there. CONGRATS on the PR!!!

Richelle said...

So sorry that you've had a rough time with your mom, but I'm glad that everything has worked out. Thank you for this post today. Along with my time at church on Sunday, it served as a reminder for me to keep God above all else.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I wish your west side experience went smoother H, we really missed you at the post race events.

Your analogy to CORE is wonderful and makes me step back and think. I think I will have a convo with God on my run tomorrow...

Nicole Wagner Makeup said...

Thank you for this. I have been trying to strengthen my relationship with my heavenly father lately too. It is a process isn't it? But there are reminders all around us. Seeds every where. We just need to keep our hearts open. Easier said than done sometimes. You are an angel harmony. I hope you come to the zoo next week?:) xxx