Monday, June 6, 2011

Not ready to sing the Blues...yet!

How can I go from a great 5 mile run...almost pain free to TODAY...
Doc not sure why my foot is still tender and wants me get a CAT SCAN even thought the X-RAYS looked good. I am irritated because he did nothing he just touched my foot in a few places and that was it. CAT SCANS are expensive but I do want to know what the heck I am dealing with. After the doc I had a meeting and then my class that I teach on Monday nights. I had a hard time not being grumpy and found myself "teaching" and rotating my foot, stretching my foot, standing on my toes, bending my foot....and came to the conclusion that I am fine. Most of those stretches felt fine. I am confused, frustrated and not sure what to do. I know I will get through this but the thought of SUNSHINE, SUMMER and NO RUNNING makes me want to cry!!(and I have cried today!!)

So what do you think? Anyone have a stress fracture that didn't show up on a X-RAY?
Everything I can find says that you can usually see a stress fracture on and X-RAY and occasionally need a CAT SCAN or MRI.


fancy nancy said...

Sending hugs your way!!! I can tell you are frustrated and I don't blame you!!

I would say if nothing came up on an X-ray than keep running. Then again I have never had one and would hate to be the reason you were really injured! Is there another doctor you could get a second opinion from?

Good luck!!!

Maia said...

My friend Abby recently had a stress reaction- this occurs before a stress fracture. These are the beginning of stress fractures and can quickly turn into fractures. Did you go to a sports medicine doc? So frustrating. Sorry.
If you are in pain, DON'T RUN- your body is telling you something.
I also know Lindsey at has been dealing with some issues as well- check her out.

Molly said...

Oh my gosh! Your foot sounds just like mine! I had an x-ray, and it showed no fracture, the doc said it was a sprained muscle in my foot, but it doesn't always hurt. I'm still resting it until it feels 100%, which is so frustrating, I really feel for you. Try resting one more week, and see if that helps before going for the CAT SCAN. Good luck!!!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

I am an RN, plus I know from personal experience that MANY stress fractures do NOT show up on x-ray, but do show up on MRI or CT scan.

I had a stress fracture in my pelvis that had negative x-rays, but it showed up majorly on an MRI.

I knew it was a stress fracture---felt fine with any sort of stretching/twisting/etc. But then the SECOND that I did any weight bearing on the pelvis, it HURT.

Definitely get the CT/MRI if you have health insurance, otherwise, don't do it because they're so expensive. Treatment will be a boot and rest if it comes back positive. Please feel free to let me know if you have more questions about this!!

Nicole Wagner Makeup said...

gosh, I have no idea....but I just want to hug you. boo for bad foot!:(:(:(:(:( I am struggling too.... this no running sucks.

Marlene said...

I'm so sorry that you are not getting any definitive answers and I totally get not wanting to blow a bunch of money on possible unnecessary testing. I don't have any experience with stress fractures, so no advice... except to go with your gut.