Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're tight right?

First of all welcome new friends in the support crew and a big thank you to the comments of support for my NUUN/Hood to Coast application. Hopefully you will still come back and check out my blog despite my dance moves.

I have been thinking about my post today and all the ways I could try to explain what I have been feeling with this FOOT thing I have dealing with. Amanda at 5 Miles Past Empty just shared a post about running buddies and how life events bring people together. Blogging is one way to share the joys and challenges of running, but ultimately it become much more. Running has been a real gift and has connected to me to other unique, strong women who have made an impact on my life.

So even though I love posts about gear, miles, & running I grow the most from those posts that follow those. The ones about friendship, challenges, growth, and understanding. The ones where someone takes a risk, shares a fear, calls out for suppoprt or prayers.

No one gets a runner like a runner...we are here to be each other's biggest CHEERLEADERS, supporters and give each other the extra push to dig deeper and dream bigger. Running buddies are great, when Blonde Pony entered my life I was so excited! Running has connected me with so many great people and OPENED the door to friendships that go beyond running. Running is as Amanda says "the tie that binds us".

This is part of the reason forced REST leaves me a bit lonley. I want to run when my friends run. I love running in silence next to a friend or chatting it up as we hit mile 7 and you wonder where the time has gone. I love being in God's creation and how he reveals himself to me during those times. It doesn't matter if I am with or without a running buddy...the follow up text saying, "How did it go?" is sweet enough! Those texts, call,and emails is one way that friends show they care. When you aren't able to RUN you fear the "tie that binds" will loosen or fade. This is the root on my's my insecurities saying don't forget me.

I know this is silly and "this too shall pass" but days can be tough while I rest and wait. I ran 4 miles today with minimal pain (but there was some pain). I am not pain free....YET. I have finally decided after week 5 of rest that I am going to go ahead and get that CAT SCAN of my foot. I am HOPING that they tell me just what the XRAY said...NOTHING. But I need to know either way. If there is a fracture I need to see it. My brain is stronger than my foot and...I mentally want to RUN!!

Seattle Rock N Roll is 2 weeks away...and I am not sure what that will look like for me. The thought of NOT RUNNING and hanging with RUNNERS sounds painful. BUT one of my wise running friends made a point that it may be my turn to cheer, and support them on and completely put my DESIRES and WANTS to the side. Really? Man that is a tough pill to swallow. When those friends leave me at the start and run their 13.1 or 26.2...I will not be on that journey. I will be on my own journey...a much bigger one that I HOPE will make me a stronger friend and running buddy!

Amanda had a great idea and proposed June 25th as being RUNNING BUDDY DAY! I am crossiong my fingers I will be able to run on the 25th and if not someone better be giving me a piggy back ride!So please say a prayer for Tuesday morning! I am trying to give this FOOT thing to GOD. I don't want my FOOT to consume my thoughts. The only thing I ever want to CONSUME God's LOVE and my relationship with him.

So thanks for listening, encouraging and going through this struggle with me!

Huge SHOUT OUT to the running buddies in my life!! If you haven't had a chance to watch my video application check it out HERE. Then be sure to go to NUUN FB page and let them know they need to pick H LOVE for their team! THANKS!!


Nicole Wagner said...

Oh friend...I just put up a big post about my stress fracture too.It does suck but there is a REASON this is happening even if we dont' know what it is. I too will only be spectator on July 4th when I was supposed to be running that half with 2 of my best friends but now I will be cheering my heart out instead. Just my lott I guess. I love you. I hope that tuesday shows NUTTIN'! and you can get back to running, but if it DOES show the evil Stress fracture, know that you will get through it. Love you lots and lots. xxx

Richelle said...

My fiance did a bunch of races last year while I was recovering from an injury. I so wanted to be out there on the race course with him, but he was so happy that I was there cheering him on. Even though it will be hard to not race with your friends, they will truly appreciate your encouragement and support. And I'm sure that some day, they will do the same for you.

I'll be praying for you and your foot. I hope you find out what's causing the pain SOON!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

So sorry you're having to work through an injury. It sucks! I hope the scan tomorrow gives you some peace of mind and you're up and running again soon.

fancy nancy said...

Sending hugs and prayers your way!!! I know that feeling of not running when your head wants to! You are right though...let go and let God take it from here. He can do far more with it than we ever could!

June 25th as buddy day? Great idea! I have made lasting and deep friendships through it!

Molly said...

I hope the CT Scan gives you some answers! And I agree, there is nothing like running friends!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Here's to good news on Tuesday, or at least a solid diagnosis with a strong recovery plan!

SupermomE12 said...

I am praying for tomorrow morning that you get the ALL CLEAR!!! Hang in there... your running buddies are still there for you and are missing you I am sure. You will be back with them soon. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you! Last summer was so hard for me when I was in extreme take time to rest. You WILL get through this!

Emz said...


LMK how the cat scan goes!!!

you. rock.

AngMomof3 said...

Look, there's US! Love your running buddy photos. And hoping for full healing. You gotta Rock and Roll!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great post Harmony! Running is such a community--you opened the door for me that's for sure. I'm praying for you and that the results are clear tomorrow AM. Please let me know what I can do to support you.

Kerrie T. said...

You know that I know how you feel. I hope it os nothing and you can run, but if not, you can borrow my cowbell. Chelsea will be ringing it, too. Hope to see you soon!

Erika said...

good luck with your cat scan! I hope it shows nothing that will sideline you! I love the idea of running buddy day:)

Karen said...

I am SO sorry to hear that your foot is still giving you trouble! I broke my foot last summer so I totally know how much it sucks not to run. Ugh. However, I also know that taking time off, resting the foot, and (for me) wearing a stupid boot for 5 weeks helped me come back pain free! I hope the CT scan shows nothing, also....nothing that a little ice and rest won't help! :0)

Girl, I'd LOVE to meet up at a Disney race! How fun would that be?! Next one on my plan is Princess 2012!

I'm so voting for you in NUUN. You crack me up! LOVED the video!!!

Jamoosh said...

Dang - I don't have any running buddies. Can we make it "virtual" running buddy day?

Julie D. said...

Gosh, this sucks. It's amazing how injuries can suck the life out of us. Praying that your foot heals up soon, that the CAT scan is all clear, and that you can cheer your heart out with out aching for the 'run' if that is what it comes to. My injury this fall, made me so much more grateful for every step I was able to run, once I was able. It makes running that much more precious! Hang in there! PS. Loved your NUUN video by the way. I'm on a little prolonged FB break or I would be posting away for them to pick YOU! Good luck. Looks like a blast.

Amy said...

Good luck on working through your injury. That is always the hardest part! But, you have a great support system.... look at all the others runners who are there for you!

And, I love the idea of running buddy day... though, mine needs to be virtual as well!