Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy, Mama, Mom

Ma Ma, Mommy, Mama, Mom...words that I dreamed of hearing and prayed would be in God's plan for my life! So thankful for the indescribable happiness my three blessings bring me.

I had a day full of gestures of love.
I wanted to share some sweet words from Lovely L and my One and Only.

Odd Mom (translation: Ode to Mom)
How I love the way you cook
Delicious food for me.
How I love the way you help me
understand things.
You are like a flower in a
garden bringing joy to my life.
Thank you for taking care of me.
I love you more than Disney World.
Lovely L

Dear Mom,
Thank you for washing my clothes. Thank you for teaching me how to play basketball. I think your special because you do so many things for me. You are a very busy Mom and you come home to take care of me. You provide snacks for me. Happy Mother's Day.
One and Only

Again...I don't even have words. Just prayers of thankfulness and over flowing joy!

P.S. Tonight at church there was some parallels to running in a thought provoking sermon...I was on the edge of my seat. Hope to find time to share later this week.


Amanda@runninghood said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Harmony! Can't wait to hear about your thoughts on the sermon. Oh, and I think of you every time I use the awesome mascara you sent me. I'm going to have to get more. :) xo

Richelle said...

Your kids are sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

fancy nancy said...

So sweet!! Happy Mother's Day! Can't wait to hear points from the sermon!

Karen said...

My favorite line: I love your more than WDW! Tooo funny!!! :0) You have very sweet children!! :0)

Marlene said...

Sweetest thing ever! Glad you got showered with love.

Julie D. said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day! what sweet words from your kids!

Julie D. said...
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Erika said...

happy mothers day!! hope it's great!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Happy Mother's Day H! You are an amazing role model for E, L, and J!! And a rock for R!!

Sara said...

What a treasure you have in those notes! Happy [belated] Mother's Day to you! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day too! :)