Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get a grip

So I think I am done fretting over trying to find another marathon. I was just wanting to hold this fitness level and try to apply it to another race BUT I have come to realize I need REST and will have to start that TRAINING journey all over again when I want to take the 26.2 plunge again. Thanks for everyone's advice and encouragement!!!

Yesterday I tried to run for the first time since last Saturday and COULDN'T. The pain on the top of my foot is still there so I STOPPED and walked. Can I say it takes so long to get places when you walk. During that walk I did come to the conclusion that I should be OVER the MOON HAPPY with my results!! Huge lesson is enjoying moments! I got a SUB FOUR!! That is crazy!!!

So many things went GREAT for me on race day so I have a lot to be HAPPY about!

My fueling went great!
No bathroom stops!
Tummy felt great the entire run!
Family were able to see me several times!
No blisters!

All that other STUFF (weather, lack of H2O, etc) was out of my control at times and that is where I feel like I have grown as a runner for the NEXT TIME!

So please forgive my NEGATIVE venting and panic from the last post! I am grateful and thrilled to have had the courage to even consider marathon #2 and that my I am healthy and strong!! Thank you God!

I think I will be on the REST wagon for awhile longer and then I will try to RUN again!

I KNOW that there will be another MARATHON in my future. I told myself I wanted to at least do three so I can give a medal to each of my children...when I am old and gray and telling stories of my running journeys to my grandchildren!

I BELIEVE that I can get that 3:45 one day and I am going after it!! I learned so many things from my Coach but what will stick with me the longest will be to always BELIEVE!!

Speaking of BELIEVE....HUGE CONGRATS to Marlene @ Mission to a(nother) Marathon! Go check out what she just did!!


Stacie said...

You are amazing Harmony. Considering I can't even break the 5 hour curse. What you, Jess, and all the other speedy runners do inspires me. I wish I could do what you have done. I know you will be great when you do conquer #3.

Michelle said...

Isn't the mind an amazing thing? Sometimes we just have to get over the initial sting of a run to realize that there was so much more that was WONDERFUL about it! Enjoy your time of rest--get out there are just run for FUN for a while. There is always another marathon waiting for you! (Seriously--you should consider Eugene--my favorite EVER!)

Rachel said...

So true!!!! You did amazing at your race and I love where u gave praise where praise should be given!!!! How cute are you I love the idea of giveing one to each of your kids!!! How perfect is that! You so can do it! Loves!

Marlene said...

Aw, thanks girl! You are too sweet!

I am seriously sooo happy for you. Sub-4 is a massive milestone. It took me 6 marathons to do that! I know you'll get a 3:45. And I'm glad you're giving yourself the rest you need for now. Hope that foot feels better!!

Emz said...


You'll get that 3:45. You know it and I know it.

Enjoy the rest. It's a great treat for the body, mind & spirit.

Molly said...

Holy cow, I just read your last post, and I think you are truly AMAZING to break four hours.

So speedster, that next marathon will find you. You won't lose any fitness, you've done it twice already, and you'll do it again.

Hugs to you my girl. : )

Julie D. said...

Totally understand wanting to find another marathon. I finally realized that I was trying to force it...forcing a marathon is never good!! I think you made the right decision. We'll get those goal times someday (sooner than later, I'm sure)!!! Go get'em, Harmony!!

Runnergirl said...

Love the positive attitude! You will get there - just keep on believing!

Richelle said...

I hope your foot heals soon! You are definitely being wise by taking time off now. I know you'll get that 3:45 time because you are determined to do it. You rock!

Nicole Wagner said...

Those are some good points Harm on all the things that went well:) it's true we didn't pee or poop our pants..well I might have pee'd a bit;) but we didnt' get sick and we didn't have to drop out from injury. you finished and you finished sub 4!!!!! so wonderful! as for the recovery I am feeling a bit discouraged as I am still having pain in my calf walking and trying ot get up and down stairs. If I can't start training again in 2wks I will be out for my half marathon:( boo! I PRAY your foot gets better ASAP!

Sara said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! It just took me about 7 hours to run my first marathon! Your time is phenomenal to me! And, you are an inspiration to me to keep wanting to do better and get out there and try it again.

Thank you for this post - I need to remember to BELIEVE - even when the going gets tough.

Karen said...

You did so well in your Marathon - I agree with you - just rest up and you'll be fine! Sorry about your foot pain! Hope it goes away soon! :0)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hey Beautiful woman! Loved looking at all your race pictures from the past posts and really love your perspective on this whole thing! You have such a great attitude. Something about you mentioning giving each of your kids a medal someday made me smile inside. ;) You will get that 3:45...when the time is perfect! Thanks for voting!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yes, you can totally achieve your goal! Pic your future race!

glad you have decided that you did indeed run an awesome race!! Go Harm!