Friday, April 8, 2011

What's my motivation?

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It has arrived!!! Finally!! LOVE IT!! Thank you, thank you...such talent!! Many months ago Rachel at Peek A Bootique was sweet enough to be willing to create something to REMEMBER my first marathon experience! The verse Phillipians 4:13 is painting on the bottom. This was the verse that I repeated and leaned on through training and that wet Marathon Day on 10.10.10. Turned out great! I love love love picture frames. I think I may even HOARD frames...but who's to say?

Anyways as I contemplate the craziness of running 20 miles tomorrow I start to think about WHY I am running 20 miles? I am getting down to those LAST LONG runs...before RACE DAY...Marathon #2. If anyone would have told me I would ever run a marathon I would have laughed and thrown out the crazy card, but things change. I am not sure how many more marathons I have in my future but I know running holds a special place in my heart and has been a gift in many ways! My three blessing have watched me go from 0-26 and the work that is has taken along the way. They know who my power source is and that I could never do this alone. This MOTIVATES me!!

Every day when I decide to run I feel stronger physically, mentally and spiritually and have learned that every run has the element of unknown surprises.
Such as...
*Running faster than I ever thought was possible.
*Finding my butt cheeks frozen and wet from a faulty water bottle
*Realizing I can run 7 miles in the rain, snow, and hail.
*Wanting to quit and stop but instead push through
*Wearing my NIKE head warmer upside down...again.
*Almost falling off a treadmill when doing speed work and the power went out.
*Having a friend join me unexpectedly on a treadmill run.
*Forgetting my "fuel" and still finishing strong.
*Coyote crossing the road in front of me.
*Family coming to see me on a long run....just because.

So tomorrow I will think about my family, my health and abilities, my God, and (a bunch of random things) and TRY to enjoy the "little things" when running (an early) 20 miles!

Welcome new followers in my SUPPORT CREW!! Very cool!
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Nikki Kendall said...

Very nice!

My Motivation...

Amanda said...

Go Harmony!

misszippy said...

A great set of motivators! Enjoy the 20.

Marlene said...

That's beautiful! What a great keepsake.

Good luck with the 20-miler - let your strength carry you through!

fleming Fab 5 said...

I am a new follower! Beautiful!

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is nice to read. Good luck on your 20! I think it will be rainy sunday when I run my half. :( So sick of the rain but thankful for green so it is all good. :) Thanks for your sweet comments. I think you're the one that asked about the mom uses yoga fit and real simple magazines..those are a couple of them. :)

tduch said...

Great job on how far you have come! I am hoping to be able to do a marathon some day, but for now I am just working on 5ks and keeping me injury free. Have fun tomorrow!!!

Cynthia O'H said...

It's amazing how training for distance brings us to a new level of confidence and inner strength.
Love the picture frame.
Good luck on the 20 miler.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your run in the sunshine!!!

Maia said...

Cute frame and great post! I ran 20 today, too! How did yours go?

Mike said...

Wow. I find it motivation just to see that people actually ran this far. You guys are crazy :P in a good way. Lately I have been following a personal development plan sample that allows me to stay focused on my goals and move in the direction that my motivation inspires me to move.

Julie D. said...

hope your run went awesome, Harmony! love your motivators

Penny said...

I love your motivaters. Have a great 20 mile run

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love this!! I know you will love Marathon 2nd Marathon is still my favorite. HUGS!!

Molly said...

love your motivators, but I did giggle at how the power went out while you were on the treadmill : )

Sara said...

Love the frame! Have a great 20 miles! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

What a beautifully written post! Your 3 blessings should wonderful motviators and the support of R makes it all the more special!

I know your 20 went well and you are continuing to surprise yourself (even though the rest of us know YOU GOT IT!!) :)

The frame is gorgeous and my favorite verse too!

Emz said...

First- kill the 20. You've. Freaking. Got. This.

Second - can I be your neighbor?

Third - please say you are running Seattle RnR?!

Fourth - I love my keep on keepin on sticker.

Fifth - you. Are. So. Awesome.