Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seattle and Speed Surprise

So I am a bit giddy and unsure all at the same time. Tressa @ Training with Track Coach and his Adorable Wife, another bloggy buddy was planning on running the half....but is expecting baby #3 and will have to wait until next year. That means the bib is up for grabs and she is sweet enough to let me use it! So sweet...I love bloggy love and kindness. It seems to be everywhere theses days!

The Seattle Rock N Roll half is a special race to me. It was my first half EVER. I ran a 2:02.

I went back again last summer but was dealing with a serious knee and IT band issues. (some of you may almost sidelined my Portland Marathon)
I probably should not have attempted to run but I did. I ran/WALKED it and got a 2:28. BOO!!

So the thought of being able to go back and RUN marathon training is very TEMPTING!

I know I can run a sub 2:00. I have done it the last three weekends on my long runs...coming in right around 1:55. I could POSSIBLY run with my COACH and that would be way cool! Why oh why is there such a long road from here to Seattle?

I will be back again that way in July for the Warrior that could add up to some summer miles. BONUS: My mom and lots of lovely friends live over there and I have a new niece arriving in late May that I could LOVE spend some time with.

Thoughts? Who else is running Seattle Rock N Roll??

My running this week has been crazy, due to LIFE being crazy. But I did have a fabtabulous speed day and ran two 5K's...wait for it.....
5K 23:30 (7:25 pace)
5K 24:30 (7:54 pace)

Happy with this but very tired!

Tomorrow I am running 13 miles and with just 13 days to GO TIME!!

Tomorrow is also a BIG day as LOVELY L has decided she wants to be baptized! She is over the moon and so excited to share her love for God with anyone who will listen. Proud, thankful mama!!!

Have a beautiful day! Thinking of all the EUGENE runners...I almost joined you, maybe next year!! GO FOR can do it!


Nicole Wagner said...

I am getting excited too! can you believe it's only 13 days??? aaahhhh!!! I had 2 5K's for my speedwork today too! weird;)
see ya at the marathon! xx

misszippy said...

Sounds like you are ready to rock and roll! Very exciting!

Penny said...

way to go on those 5k. That is great that lovely is getting baptized. Prays the Lord.So glad you get to do Seattle again.

Running Mama said...

Oh gee's your 5k times are so fast!! I have a long way to go for that kind of pace. Glad to have found you.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

This is great Harm!! You get to run Seattle! woo hoo!

Great running times this week!

Congrats to L!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Well you know I think you should do it! Hope you can work it out, and good luck at your race!

Richelle said...

You'll totally sub-2! RNR Seattle looks like so much fun. I'll have to add it to my race bucket list. Great 5K times!

Stacie said...

You know Jason & I will be there and that you should DEFINITELY do it. My fastest 1/2 was 3 weeks after one of my marathons when I was in great shape and on a very difficult course. I need to get myself back there. You will ROCK it.

Congrats to Lovely L on her baptism. How exciting :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love it!! Come come!! We could run together, I think I am going to pace Amanda to a PR which would be about 1:50, you could do that!! Too bad you cant get the name changed though :(

Michelle said...

Thanks for the note! Eugene was AWESOME! I got my Boston qualifying time. I PR'ed by 10 minutes! It was a great day. Lovely course, great volunteers and an amazing event. You've GOT to do it!

Eryn said...

Oh, the best part of that post is your sweet L, getting baptized! Praise God!

Molly said...

WOW! You are fast!!!! I'm excited for you : )

chris mcpeake said...

Its coming up fast. good luck

Marlene said...

Sorry I am so late commenting here!

I loved RnR Seattle last year, ESPECIALLY running with Tall Mom. Sounds like plenty of other reasons to visit too. :)

Emz said...

for some reason I cannot get to your link [latest post] but I know it's there somewhere.


hope you saw your sticker in the video segment?!

I'll see you in seattle!! in June!!

Julie D. said...

yes!! do Rock N Roll...special race for me because it was my first full. wish I could go up for it but that is the weekend we are leaving for Kaaaui!! Way to go on your 5Ks!! you are getting super speedy! And...How cool about your daughter!! Praise the Lord!! Yes, you should be a proud mama.