Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brooks Ravenna 2 Thoughts?

OK so I just bought new shoes and now I am questioning if I should keep them??

Anyone have any thoughts on the Brooks Ravenna 2??

Unfortunately we have ZERO running stores around here...so I made the trek to Spokane which means if I need to return them, it will involve another trip. UGH!!

Running out of time....Marathon #2 weeks away. My hubby thinks I am losing it and not sure why I am stressing over the "right" shoe.

I have been running in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 and just needed to replace them before the marathon! Double UGH!!!

So I would love any tips, thoughts!! THANKS!



Maia said...

Don't know anything about that particular Brooks model, but I switched to Brooks adrenaline after my son was born and I really like them...sorry that's not much helpi

SupermomE12 said...

Brooks Ravenna 2's are my shoe! I love them. I just did my marathon in them on Saturday (not a single blister!) and I was doing 45-60 mile weeks in them and my feet and legs were always happy. I know that they are a "mild support" shoe, so if you are a mild to moderate overpronater that is who they are designed for. They are lighter than most shoes in this category and have a sprung toe which is supposed to help you push off better. I am a midfoot striker and they are great for that but I know they work well for heel strikers too.
Shoes are hard because what works great for one person doesn't for another, but for me these are great for training lots of miles and for racing. :)

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Falling in love with a shoe is just like falling in love with a man. You can't explain it - you just know.

You can read reviews on the Brooks website and see what other people think about them. But if you don't like the way they feel on your foot, they probably aren't the right ones.

You're question, I'm sure, is: But will they do?
At least that's what I went through trying to find the right shoe.

If you email customer support at runningwarehouse.com with the specs you look for in a shoe, they'll write back and recommend several models. Unfortunately, you kinda have to try them on though, right?

Well, I hope you figure it out!

Nikki Kendall said...

I am a HUGE fan of my mizunos!! I would never trade them in! Stick with what you know before raceday!

Lisa said...

I wear Ravenna but haven't tried Ravenna 2 yet. I hope they're just as good because I love what I have!

Don't liste to your husband, the right shoe is really important, especially when you're running such a long distance. You should feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear!

Marlene said...

I don't have experience with either of those shoes, but I would certainly recommend NOT chaning your shoe so close to the race. Can you get another pair the same as you've been training in?? Good luck!!

megan.vining said...

I don't know anyhting about Brooks Ravenna I wear Brooks Trance but like what others have said- YOU HAVE TO GO WITH WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and YOU SHOULDN'T CHANGE SHOES SO CLOSE TO RACE DAY! What about staying with the Mizuno's? I know, I know shoes are hard to come by around here and TriState is about the only store around here.....you don't want shoes to be a problem or in your mind when you are at the starting line!

Karen said...

I'm a Saucony girl and I tried Brooks after my Marathon - I ended up switching back to my Sauconys! Sorry you are having such a dilema! Do you like the way your feet and legs feel when you are running in the Brooks? I know a lot of people who love Brooks!

Penny said...

I'm with marlene becareful about switching so close to the marathon. I'm no help either. I wear Saucomy

Anonymous said...

I wear Ravenna 2s and I like them for their lightweight design and the roomy toebox. However, they are a neutral shoe and I need more guidance, so I'll probably be changing shoes soon.

If you have good alignment already they would be a good shoe for racing 5 and 10ks. I think they lack the cushion to do any serious mileage IMO.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

R will keep you calm b4 race day! It's not your first go around-you got this with whatever shoe you try...if you wear them for the mary, you can always exchange after the race and you thought they'd guarantee a sub 3:00 performance! he he--I kidd.

If your others are broken down, it will kind of be like a minimalist shoe right?